Rodeo Scrapbook Layouts

Young cowboy with lasso on horse.

Rodeo scrapbook layouts are a great way to tie together a rodeo theme scrapbook. Rodeo scrapbooks make a good gift for your young cowboy and are also good ways to record a family vacation to rodeo country.

Rodeo Scrapbook Sample Pages

When you are planning a layout for a rodeo scrapbook, there are many sample pages online that can give you ideas. Here are some sample rodeo and horse scrapbook pages:

Ideas for a Rodeo Scrapbook Layout

You can make a rodeo scrapbook special for your little cowboy. Here are some rodeo scrapbook layout ideas:

  • Cowboy Riding Horse Silhouette: Pick a light background paper and glue it to a fresh scrapbook page. Next, draw the outline of a cowboy riding a horse onto cardstock and cut it out. (You may also be able to find a cowboy and horse die-cut.) Glue the cowboy silhouette to the left of the scrapbook page. Select one photo and glue it on the center of the page. Include a horse quote written on decorative paper at the bottom of the page.
  • Lasso Embellishment: Draw a lasso on a card stock, color it in so for clarity and then cut it out. (You can substitute a lasso die-cut.) Glue the lasso to the center of the page. Next, add a photo to the center of the lasso, cut to the circular lasso shape. Write a sentence about a rodeo memory.
  • Free Fonts: Download a free font from Kevin and Amanda and use it to letter your pages. Many websites have free downloadable fonts that can liven up a scrapbook project.

Rodeo Layout Tutorials

Scrapbook tutorials can help you figure out how to create your layouts. The following tutorials deal with the rodeo or cowboy theme:

  • Scrapbooking: Visit this site's gallery, type "rodeo" into the search, and you'll see several pages to draw layout inspiration from.
  • Texas Stampin Mama W.: The site features a little cowgirl and her pony sample scrapbook page. The scrapbooker includes information on supplies used.

Additional Resources for Rodeo Theme Layouts

You can find advice and scrapbook freebies for creating a rodeo scrapbook layout. While many craft stores carry horse theme layouts and scrapbook supplies, rodeo themes are not quite as popular unless you live in certain areas. The Internet is a great resource for find advice and free layouts for rodeo scrapbooks. The following websites carry rodeo scrapbook layout printables or supplies:

  • has rodeo and western design papers and embellishments.
  • Scrap Your Trip: Scrap Your Trip has a selection of die-cuts and paper in a rodeo theme.
  • Scrap Girls: Scrap Girls has rodeo and Western theme scrapbook kits with paper and embellishments.

Search the Internet for many more rodeo layout ideas under terms such as rodeo, cowboy, western and horse scrapbooking. This will give you a complete list of available online resources.

Once you get some ideas and find the right supplies, it will be easy to start creating pages. You can create a special rodeo scrapbook that you can treasure for years to come.

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Rodeo Scrapbook Layouts