Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamping and scrapbooking go hand-in-hand for a lot of crafters. That's because rubber stamping is an easy way to enhance a scrapbook page by adding interesting elements that bring your pages to life. The combination of these two crafts is so popular, there's even a rubber stamping and scrapbooking expo that has annual meetings all over the country.

Rubber Stamping + Scrapbooking = Scramping

Scramping is a fun, shorthand way of explaining how stamping and scrapbooking combine into a wonderful new idea. Scramping combines the techniques of rubber stamping and scrapbooking to make beautiful, decorative pages. Stamps can be used as embellishments, frames, to add text to a page or to provide the main decoration for the page.

Using Rubber Stamping in Scrapbooking

There are many different ways you can use rubber stamps in your scrapbooking projects. With a little time, you can find lots of ways for this fun tool to liven up a boring scrapbook page.

Create a Unique Background

If you can't find a scrapbook paper that really says what it is you are after, make one with some stamps. Use a large rubber stamp to stamp an image in the background of your page, such as flowers, stars or something large and graphic. You can use a single stamp, or a repeating pattern to get just the look you desire.

Border It

If you want to create your own paper but without a background image, use a stamp to create a border around a blank page. Use a small stamp to create a repeating pattern just at the edge of the page. For added depth, consider using several colors with one stamp, or stamping strips of another paper, and gluing them down for a 3-D look.

Add Some Text

Rubber stamps

If you want to add text without writing it, or if your handwriting is sloppy, use a stamp instead. Find an appropriate text rubber stamp (there are tons of these, some of which are phrases, some quotes, some just words like "friendship") and stamp it anywhere on your page. You can also use alphabet stamps to stamp your title or any other words you want to stand out on the page.

Create a Color Block

Stamps don't just come with images; sometimes they can be used to add a plain swath of color to a page. Use a large block stamp to stamp a light block of color on your page. Allow to dry and write your journaling inside the stamped area.

Frame It

Use a frame stamp to make a picture frame on your page. Stamp directly on the page around the photo or stamp the frame on a piece of card stock and cut it out. This will allow you to cover the edges of the picture and give the page a little more depth.

Emboss the Stamp Area

Embossing is the art of raising an area on the page. Use a rubber stamp to apply the embossing powder to the page rather than a paintbrush to create a unique look. Just heat up the powder to emboss the shape of your stamp anywhere on the page.

Apply Some Glitter

A rubber stamp doesn't just have to transfer ink; it can also be used to transfer glue onto a page. Dip your stamp into some clear glue, then stamp the page. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle loose glitter over the page; it will stick to the stamped area adding some dimension to your stamp.

Stamp Some Ribbon

stamped ribbon

Instead of stamping directly onto the scrapbook page, you can also stamp onto a piece of ribbon, then cut and glue the ribbon onto the page. This is a great way to adding some detail, or creating a ribbon pattern you might not be able to find in stores.

Stamping Layers

Create some dimension and layers on the page by cutting out small squares or other shapes of cardstock. Glue the cardstock onto the scrapbook page, then stamp each piece. This extra color and dimension can really make the page pop.

The Wide World of Stamps

There's almost no end to the great designs in rubber stamps these days. A quick trip down the stamp aisle at the local craft store yields hundreds of different stamps to choose from.

In addition to craft stores, there are also a few places to purchase stamps online.

  • Addicted to Rubber Stamps has a dizzying selection of more than 250,000 stamps and stamping accessories. It claims to have the world's largest selection of stamps and offers a large range of stamp companies, from the big boys to boutique designers. Search by company, look for new products or browse the ideas section for tons of inspiration.
  • Impress Rubber Stamps has a much smaller selection of stamps but is a great site to use. Stamps are arranged by theme, and there are many wonderful ideas.

A Note About Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking

Remember that you want your scrapbook to last, so use inks, papers and other supplies that are acid free and of archival quality. The good news is that it's pretty easy to find these products at your local craft store or online. You don't want your beautiful page to fade because you didn't use the right ink.

Start Stamping

Once you begin adding some rubber stamps to your collection of scrapbooking materials, you'll soon wonder how you ever scrapbooked without them. Start exploring the possibilities that stamping can add and watch your pages take new shape.

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