Scrapbook Album Ideas for Your Father

father scrapbook page

A scrapbook album makes a thoughtful gift for Dad on Father's Day, Christmas, or his birthday. A scrapbook is a tangible expression of the love you feel, which makes this gift much more meaningful than any store-bought trinket.

Album Themes

If you'd like to make an entire album for your father, it's is best to focus on certain aspects of his life so you don't become overwhelmed by the size of the project.

father scrapbook page - heritage


The most common type of scrapbook is a chronological album. For this type of gift, you would document your father's life from birth to present day.

Consider featuring some of these items from your dad's childhood and school days:

  • Photos from when he was a child, such as birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, and other family events
  • School photos or scans from yearbooks
  • Prom pictures
  • Report cards or other schoolwork to reflect how teaching may have changed

If your dad is still in touch with childhood friends, have them journal some amusing stories of antics from when they were younger. Add sports memorabilia if your father was an athlete. You should also include any other activities such as band or Boy Scouts that your dad may have been involved in.

Be sure to devote a section of the album to his wedding and early married life before you were born. Pictures of you and your siblings doing activities with your father would also be appropriate along with photos of any grandchildren he may have.


If your father is a veteran, you might want to make an album that documents his time spent in the military. This could include photos of him in uniform, maps of where he served, and scanned copies of awards he earned. If your father was married or had a girlfriend at the time, it would also be wonderful to include letters or cards he was sent from his sweetheart or members of his family to show how much he was missed.


If your father was not in the military, or if his time spent in the service was a painful experience, instead consider a heritage album. Document your family's history by researching ancestors and including family stories. This could be how your family decided to settle in your hometown or why family members are named as they are.

The album will be even more special if you include journaling from several members of the family along with pictures of each one. It may be surprising to see a family resemblance across generations.

Special Pages to Include

Once you've decided on an overall theme for your album, there are a few special pages you might wish to add. These pages help pull together the album, adding a polished appearance to your gift.

Dedication Page

When giving a scrapbook as a gift, it's always a good idea to include a page with a short note to the recipient. If you don't consider yourself much of a writer, consider borrowing inspiration from a favorite fatherhood themed quote, poem, or song. This example features wording from a poem on the Verses4Cards website.

dedication scrapbook page

To make this 11" x 8 1/2 " scrapbook page:

  1. Place two 4" x 6" photos along the left edge of the page.
  2. Add a ribbon border to the top right of the page.
  3. Write your journaling, including your name and the date. This example uses ZapfHumnst Ulta BT font in 20 pt.
  4. Accent with a heart shaped sticker or chipboard embellishment.
  5. Add doodles along the bottom and lower right hand corner of the page for a whimsical look.

Lessons Learned

Fathers are the first role models many children have. Pay tribute to the lessons Dad taught you in this special scrapbook page. Lessons can be serious, silly, or slightly sentimental depending upon the nature of your relationship and the tone you want to convey for your project.

Dad's Words of Wisdom

To make this 11" x 8 1/2 " scrapbook page:

  1. Add three patterned paper circle sections to the gray background.
  2. Add two washi tape flags to the top left and bottom right corners.
  3. Add a 4" x 4" photo of your father in the upper left corner, layered over one of the circles and below the washi tape flags.
  4. Type your journaling. This example uses Century Schoolbook font in 12 pt. for the text and 30 pt. for the title.

Reasons Why I Love You

A page listing the reasons why you love your father is sure to become a special keepsake. List as many reasons as you can think of. If you're giving the album as a birthday gift, you could try to come up with one reason for each year of your father's age. For example, for a 55th birthday gift, you'd make a page with 55 reasons why you love him.

This concept also works well if you're helping a child make a scrapbook for his or her father. The child can think of list items for you to add to the finished layout.

Reasons Why

To make this 11" x 8 1/2" scrapbook page:

  1. Add a 3" wide strip of striped patterned paper down the left side of the page.
  2. Add a scalloped border next to the striped patterned paper.
  3. Place a chevron print border next to the scalloped border.
  4. Layer your photo on a 5 1/2" x 4" gray cardstock mat, leaving a 1/2" border.
  5. Type journaling below the photo. This example uses 14 pt. Calibri font.
  6. Add a large photo corner embellishment to the upper right hand corner.

Creating a Family Keepsake

When making a scrapbook album as a gift, it's important to keep archival safety in mind. If you're making a digital scrapbook, have it professionally printed on high quality paper and include a backup disc with the layout images in case the original is destroyed. If you're using traditional paper supplies, limit yourself to items that are acid free and designed specifically for scrapbookers. These precautions will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy this personal look at their ancestors.

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