Scrapbook Career Opportunities

If you love to scrapbook, consider turning your hobby into a profitable home-based business.

Passionate scrapbookers looking to earn some extra cash can choose from a variety of scrapbook career opportunities.

Scrapbook Career Opportunities Offer Fun and Flexibility

Whether you're looking for extra income to supplement your full-time day job or in search of an entirely new career path, scrapbook career opportunities offer a fun and flexible way to get the money you need while doing what you love.

Working at a Local Scrapbook Store

If you love to scrapbook, consider looking for scrapbook career opportunities at your local scrapbook store. These businesses are continually seeking new cashiers as well as experienced scrapbookers who can lead workshops and special events. You'll typically be expected to work nights and weekends, but you'll be surrounded by a community of enthusiastic scrapbookers and receive an employee discount on your own supply purchases.

Scrapbooking for Others

Talented scrapbookers can earn money by scrapbooking for others. Scrapbooking is one of the country's fastest-growing hobbies, yet many people don't have the time, skills, or confidence to create their own albums.

Many people who earn money by scrapbooking for others specialize in creating themed gift albums for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and other special occasions. A great way to start this type of scrapbooking business is to seek word-of-mouth referrals or advertise your services in your local newspaper. You may also choose to create your own website featuring samples of your work and information about how you plan to charge for your services.

Another popular way to earn money through scrapbooking is to create pre-designed pages that you sell at craft stores or on eBay. However, this type of scrapbooking requires an excellent knowledge of industry trends as well as the marketing savvy to distinguish your product from the competition.

Joining a Design Team

Have you ever wondered who creates the amazing layouts you see featured in scrapbooking advertisements? In many cases, these layouts were created by members of a scrapbook store or scrapbook manufacturer's design team.

A design team is a small group of scrapbookers who create sample layouts that can be used to promote specific products. If they work for a scrapbooking website, design team moderators may also write e-zine articles or act as forum moderators. Compensation for these scrapbook career opportunities can vary; some design team members receive cash payments, while others are reimbursed for their time with store credit or free scrapbook supplies.

If you're interested in joining a design team, consider registering with Scrap Submit to learn more about how to apply for openings with various stores and product manufacturers.

Becoming an Independent Consultant

Becoming an independent scrapbooking consultant is a great way to make money while sharing your passion with others. Consultants hold home workshops to teach new scrapbookers basic techniques and demonstrate their company's product line. They receive a commission, usually from 10-30%, on the products they sell.

These scrapbook career opportunities are particularly appealing to mothers of small children, since they offer the freedom to set your own schedule without many of the hassles associated with other business opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an independent consultant for a scrapbooking supply manufacturer, check out the following helpful links:

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