Scrapbook Contests

Contests can be a fun outlet for sharing your favorite scrapbook layouts.

Scrapbook contests provide a great opportunity to earn prizes and recognition for doing what you love.

About Scrapbooking Contests

Have you ever wondered where those beautiful layouts you see in magazines, newsletters, idea books, and scrapbook websites come from? In many cases, these layouts are published as the result of a scrapbooking contest.

Do I have to give up my original layout?

Generally, entering a scrapbook contest will involve submitting a scanned image of your layout or sending a color copy directly to the sponsor. However, if the instructions do ask for the original layout, read the form carefully to make sure your creation will be returned after the competition.

What can I win?

Prizes for scrapbook contests vary, but may include:

  • Publication of your layout
  • A gift certificate to a particular scrapbook store or a predetermined prize package of supplies
  • A small cash prize
  • A spot on the sponsor's design team
  • A chance to write an article for the sponsor's newsletter or website

How do they choose the winning layouts?

Contests are typically judged on the following factors:

  • General design
  • Quality of photography
  • Heartfelt journaling
  • Creative techniques
  • Unique use of a specified product, especially if the contest is sponsored by a particular manufacturer
  • General craftsmanship

Finding Contests for Scrapbookers

Since part of the fun of scrapbooking is sharing your work with others, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of contests available for scrapbookers.Scrapbook magazines are an excellent source of information on contests for scrapbookers. For example, Creating Keepsakes sponsors the "CK Scrapbook Hall of Fame" and the "Scrapbooker of the Year" contests. Memory Makers has an annual "Memory Makers Masters" competition that is judged in a similar format, as well as several smaller contests held throughout the year.

Although they don't carry the prestige of winning a national award, many independent scrapbook stores offer contests for customers on a regular basis. Typically, these contests provide a chance to win a store gift certificate and have your layout displayed in the store. If you're lucky enough to have a store in your area, ask the manager what contests are available.

Tips for Entering Scrapbook Contests

If you're new to the world of entering scrapbook contests, it's helpful to remember the following tips:

  • Read the contest directions carefully. Some contests have very specific entry criteria, such as only accepting layouts that feature children or requiring the use of a specific sponsor product. If your layout doesn't match this description, you'll be disqualified.
  • Although scraplifting is generally considered to be an acceptable practice for most crafters, it's important to give credit when appropriate. If you used another layout as the basis for your creation, remember to include this information in your contest entry.
  • Get in the habit of labeling your supplies with the product name and manufacturer after each shopping trip. Then, when you submit a layout to a particular contest, it will be easy to create the required supply list. As an added bonus, creating a scrapbook inventory will make your cropping time much more efficient.
  • Consider using a computer spreadsheet to keep track of which layouts you've entered in a particular contest. This can be especially useful if you need to give permission to publish a layout that you've entered in more than one competition.
  • Some contests will require a model release signed by all of the people pictured in your layout before your entry can be published. It's a good idea to keep a generic release on file for this purpose.
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