Scrapbook Ideas on Pages Related to Hair

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If you're hoping to create a layout for baby's first haircut or a teen's special prom up-do, you'll need scrapbook ideas on pages related to hair. Try out one of these fun, hair-themed layouts.

Six Scrapbook Idea on Pages Related to Hair

As any pre-teen or teen will tell you, hair is a very important part of your image. It's also a fun way to dramatically change your appearance in a short period of time. You can immortalize your favorite hair-related photos with a page layout that plays up this theme.

Before and After

It can be fun to show off the big change that comes with a new hairstyle or color. Is someone in your family about to cut off her really long hair? Is a teen going with a funky color? Preserve these moments by taking before and after pictures.

Before and after shots are perfect for a two-page layout. Use scrapbook pages that face one another, and choose colors that highlight the person's outfit or another background image. Consider using silky textured papers for added appeal. Keep the frames and embellishments fairly simple to make sure the photographs are the highlight of the layout.

Baby's First Hair Cut

It's a major milestone when your baby finally has enough hair to cut. For many moms, the moment can be a little bittersweet. A first haircut, whether it takes place at a kids' hair salon or in the bathroom at home, can be a perfect opportunity for cute series shots. This is an important moment, so take lots of pictures, no matter how the little one reacts. This will be a special page in your baby scrapbook.To create your layout, use your series shots and even a lock of your baby's hair. It can be fun to include baby grooming embellishments, such as comb- and scissor-shaped stickers. Arrange the photos in order, and create a display that leads the eye to the final product. Make sure you end with a picture of your smiling, newly-styled baby.

Girls' Day at the Salon

Going on a girls' day out at the salon? Spa days can be the perfect opportunity to create hair-themed scrapbook layouts. Whether you're going to the salon with your daughter or with friends, take lots of photos of everyone throughout the hairstyling process. Don't forget to get photos of one another sitting in the stylist's chair!When you're ready to create the scrapbook page, be sure to include lots of fun stickers and embellishments. Consider using shapes like metallic scissors, hairspray bottles, hairdryers, and combs. Look for shiny or softly-textured paper that will add a silky dimension to your layout. Make sure you include a photo of the whole group after everyone has a new look.

Highlight that Color

Going with a new color? Whether you are adding blond highlights or dying your whole head blue, you can play up your new color with a scrapbook layout. To get started, take a photo of your new look to the scrapbook shop or craft store. Scan the aisles for papers that highlight the color. Don't forget to include metallic silver, gold, and copper papers, which can be beautiful with hair colors.When you get home, layer the papers to create dimensional embellishments. Consider using a die cut machine or scissors to create pretty images and frames that show off your photographs.

Scrapbooking Special Occasion Hair

Special occasions often mean special hairstyles. For teens, the prom usually means a trip to the stylist for a fancy up-do or other pretty style. For brides and bridal parties, the look may be a one-of-a-kind work of art. Preserve the moment with a scrapbook layout highlighting hair.For this type of layout, the biggest focus is the final product. However, you can still highlight the process of creating that special look. Avoid too many before pictures, since the regular look is not what's important here. Instead, get photos of the stylist applying the finishing touches. Use papers and embellishments that highlight any flowers used in the style, as well as the gown for the special event.

Retro Remembrances

Every era has its own iconic hairstyle, and it can be fun to show off these gems in a themed scrapbook layout. Sort through your photos for the following:

  • Bouffant styles or long, straight hair from the 1960s
  • Feathered hairstyles from the 1970s
  • Big hair and punk styles from the 1980s
  • Friends-inspired hair from the 1990s

In your scrapbook layout, focus on the hair itself rather than the clothing. Does the photo feature a big curly hairstyle? Try framing the hairstyle to make it appear even larger. Consider including magazine photos of celebrities from the same era, especially if they are sporting similar hairstyles.

If none of these layouts are quite right, brainstorm your own scrapbook ideas on pages related to hair. Hair is an inspiring subject, and you're sure to end up with a scrapbook layout you love.

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Scrapbook Ideas on Pages Related to Hair