Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings

Scrapbook inspirational sayings make it easier to add journaling to your album pages.

Scrapbook inspirational sayings can add the perfect finishing touch to your next layout.

Finding the Right Words

There are many different reasons why scrapbookers use inspirational sayings in their projects. For example:

  • If you're having trouble deciding what to say about a particular photo, sayings can help jump start your journaling process. In fact, teachers often use quotes, poems, and phrases as writing prompts for English students.
  • Scrapbook inspirational sayings can be used as simple page titles for your layouts.
  • Poems, quotes, and phrases can be incorporated into homemade accents.
  • If you simply have nothing to say about a particular photo, sayings can be a simple journaling substitute.

Pre-Printed Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings

One of the easiest ways to add journaling to your layouts is to purchase products with pre-printed scrapbook inspirational sayings. These quotes, poems, and page titles are artfully designed using a variety of decorative fonts. All you need to do is simply add them to your pages!

Scrapbook Reference Materials

Many experienced scrapbookers find it useful to have a reference book filled with scrapbook inspirational sayings. These books are a more economical choice than buying pre-printed products since you can use each saying a number of times. This is also a convenient way to find journaling ideas if you like to scrapbook away from your computer.

Websites with Quotes, Poems, and Song Lyrics

When you're scrapbooking on a budget, websites offering free collections of quotes, poems, and song lyrics are an excellent resource. Simply print out your favorite scrapbook inspirational sayings using free fonts to add pizazz to your layouts.


Whether you're designing a page for your son's baby book or trying to describe the first time you met your husband, there's a scrapbook quote to fit the occasion. For example:


Poetry speaks to themes of love, family, and friendship-making it the perfect addition to any scrapbook page. The following websites have a number of poems suitable for scrapbooking:

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics work well in a variety of scrapbook pages because they reflect trends in popular culture. When your children are grown and looking through their childhood albums, they'll be amazed to see how much their taste in music has changed! To learn the lyrics to your favorite song, check out these helpful websites:

Inspiration Comes From the Heart

Don't be afraid to create your own original quotes. Look at your photos, think about the occasion they were taken, and jot down whatever comes to mind on a scratch pad. Chances are good the best inspirational sayings you'll find will come from your own heart and mind.

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Scrapbook Inspirational Sayings