Scrapbook Inventory

Inventory your supplies to make your scrapbooking experience more enjoyable!

If you're a devoted scrapbooker, creating a scrapbook inventory can help you keep track of your supplies and make the most of your cropping time.

Getting Organized

Is your scrapbook area a messy collection of purchases that still need to be removed from their original shopping bags? If you've been dreading the thought of organizing your supplies, there's no time like the present to tackle this job. Consider the following organizational benefits:

  • When you know what you supplies you have, you'll be less likely to make duplicate purchases.
  • Having your supplies nearly organized makes it easier to find coordinating items for your projects.
  • Scrapbook supplies are pretty to look at! If you keep your craft area organized, you'll be able to enjoy your supplies before you even have a chance to use them on your pages.
  • Scrapbook supplies are expensive! If your supplies are ever damaged or stolen, you'll need to be able to account for what you own in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

What do supplies do you need to organize? The answer to this question depends on your own personal scrapbooking style and how large of a supply stash you happen to have. However, you may want to consider developing a storage and organizational system for the following items:

  • Cardstock
  • Patterned paper
  • Stickers
  • Eyelets, brads, and other metal embellishments
  • Ribbon and fibers
  • Chipboard
  • Silk flowers
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Punches
  • Decorative scissors
  • Markers, pens, chalks, and ink pads
  • Shape templates
  • Cartridges for die cut machines
  • Rubber stamps
  • Idea books

Creating a Scrapbook Inventory

Once you've taken stock of your supply collection, it's time to create a scrapbook inventory book. An inventory is a useful tool to help you keep track of what supplies you have and plan your future purchases to maximize your crafting budget. An inventory is also very helpful if you plan to submit your work for publication in a scrapbooking magazine such as Creating Keepsakes or Simple Scrapbooks, since you'll be required to provide a supply list with your layout. Most crafters like to create their inventory in a three-ring binder, although tech-savvy scrapbookers may find it more comfortable to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a special scrapbooking software program such as Organized Expressions. The exact method you use to inventory your supplies doesn't really matter, as long as you choose a system that works for your personal needs.

Ideally, an inventory should include the following information:

  • Supply name
  • Product description with size, color, and other relevant characteristics
  • Manufacturer
  • Date and location of purchase (if you remember)
  • Cost (if you remember)

For supplies such as punches or rubber stamps, you may also want to include a sample image if you have room in your inventory book. This is useful because many manufacturers create similar-looking products.

Designing inventory sheets for your scrapbook supplies can be a fun way to express your creativity while using leftover paper and embellishments. Decorating the cover and divider pages of your inventory binder to reflect your personal scrapbooking style may also give you the motivational boost you need to keep your supplies permanently organized! However, if you're short on time, you may find it more convenient to print free organizers from the Traditions Matter website.

Updating Your Inventory

Although a scrapbook inventory is a great tool for any crafter, the effectiveness of your inventory diminishes when you fail to update your records on a regular basis. Therefore, it's a smart move to get in the habit of automatically updating your inventory book whenever you make a supply purchase or use consumable items on your layout.

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