Scrapbook Mardi Gras

Have fun scrapbooking your memories of Mardi Gras!

Ready to scrapbook Mardi Gras style?

Scrapbooking Mardi Gras Style

The challenge to creating great Mardi Gras scrapbook pages is capturing the free-spirited feeling of the event.

The celebration itself is usually over-the-top, so this is one instance where the "less is more" rule doesn't apply. There's no limit to the amount of embellishing you can do to scrapbook Mardi Gras layouts as long as it doesn't obscure the memories you want to preserve.

Scrapbook Paper

Metallic paper in shades of purple, green and gold makes a fine background for any Mardi Gras page. You might also choose a black background page to really set off the more festive colors. Black pages can be flat, shiny or enhanced with glitter for added sparkle. Check out:

If you can't find paper to inspire you, try creating your own painted canvas paper using rubber stamps, metallic ink pads, spray paints and paint splatters.


Typical embellishments for a Mardi Gras page include:

Layout Ideas

Need some help getting started on your Mardi Gras pages? We've got great ideas to share with you!


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  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!: Let the Good Times Roll!


  • Use metallic gel pens to create colorful free-hand streamers around the edges of a black background page. You can also embellish corners and any other bare spots that need to be filled.
  • Create your own Mardi Gras bead borders from metallic paper/cardstock using a small paper punch. Position a string of colored embroidery thread as you want it on the page, and use dimensional adhesive dots to both adhere the string to the page and mount the punches on top of them for your beads.
  • Create a feather boa from loose feathers by mounting them to the page with glue dots.

Page Pockets

A great way to incorporate Mardi Gras keepsakes like beads, feathers and other dimensional items onto your page is to protect them in a clear envelope.

You can choose to use a ready-made envelope or make one using an envelope die cut and a sheet of clear page protector. Assemble and adhere your envelope to your page with double stick tape.

Mardi Gras Floats

You can create really fun Mardi Gras pages using paper piecing to construct your own floats from cardstock, scrapbook paper and other materials. Then, crop yourself and your companions out of a few photos and place them right on the floats.

Mask Photo Frames

You can use the eye holes in a Mardi Gras mask as the framework for some of your smaller photos. Add further embellishments like sequins and seed beads around the eye rims to give the design a little more sparkle. Just be sure your decorations don't obscure the images.

Ribbon Banners

Use satin ribbons in shades of green, purple and gold to create page banners by adhering them side-by-side on the page. If you prefer, mount them on a piece of cardstock first, then adhere your banner to the page.

Depending on the banner size, you can use it to hold your title and photos, or layer it with feathers and beads for a page border.

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Scrapbook Mardi Gras