Scrapbook Mulberry Paper

Mulberry paper is a wonderful addition to any scrapbooker’s supply stash.

Whether you're new to the art of scrapbooking or an experienced cropper, scrapbook mulberry paper is an excellent addition to your layouts.

About Mulberry Paper

Mulberry paper is a special type of handmade art paper. Made from the fibers of the bark of the mulberry tree, it is slightly translucent and offers a great way to add texture to your pages without unnecessary bulk. It is sometimes confused with rice paper, but these two products are not interchangeable.

Mulberry paper is commonly used in rubber stamping, card making, collage, and altered art projects. However, mulberry paper also makes a lovely addition to any scrapbook page. When it's layered or used in conjunction with vellum and other specialty scrapbook papers, mulberry paper offers a unique look that's hard to duplicate with other methods.

Mulberry paper is available in a number of different sizes, including standard 12 x 12 and 8 ½ x 11 paper as well as precut mats for 4 x 6 photos. However, not all mulberry paper is acid-free paper. You'll want to read the labels on your products carefully if you're concerned about the archival safety of your album.

You can purchase mulberry paper at your local scrapbook store or from a large craft store such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels Crafts. If you prefer to shop online, mulberry scrapbook paper is also available from the following websites:

Using Scrapbook Mulberry Paper

The edges of mulberry scrapbook paper will feather softly when torn, making it ideal for creating a variety of elegant effects in your albums. Mulberry paper makes a beautiful mat for photos on heritage or wedding scrapbook pages. You can also try using this unique paper as a simple decorative border for your layout.If you're feeling especially creative, you may want to try making your own mulberry tear bears. These handmade embellishments are the perfect cute and cuddly accent for any child's scrapbook. The technique does take a bit of practice, but you can find complete instructions on the following websites:

Additional ways to use scrapbook mulberry paper can be found in the following idea books:

Adhesive Options

Since mulberry paper has a dramatically different texture than cardstock or patterned paper, it should come as no surprise that it can be a challenge to adhere this specialty paper to your layouts. An acid-free glue stick will work, but it's a slow and often messy process. A better alternative is to run your mulberry paper through a Xyron adhesive machine to create a homemade "sticker" that can be applied anywhere you wish. You can also try using brads or eyelets to adhere your mulberry paper to your layout, although this method works best if you're using an album that will have plastic page protectors to prevent the paper from being accidentally torn at a later date.

Storing Mulberry Paper

Like other types of handmade specialty paper, mulberry paper is very fragile. If your paper is not stored correctly, it may become torn, creased, or otherwise damaged before you have a chance to use it on your layout. To keep your paper in top condition, choose a location safe from heat, humidity, dust, and direct sunlight. The Cropper Hopper 12x12 plastic page pockets make the ideal storage solution for your mulberry paper.

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Scrapbook Mulberry Paper