Scrapbook Paper Design Jobs

Earn money designing scrapbook paper

If you enjoy challenging yourself to create one-of-a-kind layouts, you may find yourself wondering how to find scrapbook paper design jobs. Earning money as a scrapbook product designer isn't easy, but it can be done.

Turning a Hobby into a New Career

Walking through the scrapbook paper aisle at your local craft store can be an overwhelming experience. With so many different patterns available, there are supplies to suit almost every possible scrapbooking style. Don't forget that someone actually got paid to design each of these papers!

Who are scrapbook paper designers?

  • Scrapbookers with a very distinctive personal style
  • Scrapbookers who have been published in major magazines such as Scrapbooks, Etc. or Creating Keepsakes
  • Scrapbookers who have won major contests like the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame
  • Scrapbookers who have served on design teams for local scrapbook stores or online retailers
  • Scrapbookers who already have a following via a blog or posts in an online scrapbooking community
  • Scrapbookers who have often had training in graphic design, possibly working full-time as graphic designers for magazines or other publications before they pursued work in the scrapbook industry

Finding Scrapbook Paper Design Jobs

The best way to find scrapbook design jobs is to look on the "Careers" or "About Us" section of your favorite company's Web site to see if they have openings available or will accept submissions from aspiring designers. Some of the best known companies that design scrapbook paper include:

Scrapbook Update, a blog covering various aspects of the scrapbooking industry, also has a section devoted to job listings that sometimes contains scrapbook paper design jobs.

The Digital Alternative

If you're interested in scrapbook paper design jobs, one good way to get some experience in this area is to start designing digital scrapbook papers to sell online. Since you're simply creating the files and making them available for download, there is very little cost associated with this opportunity.

Possible approaches to take when selling digital scrapbook papers include.

  • Contact your favorite digital scrapbooking Web site and ask them how they select new designers to feature in their retail store. Be prepared to submit a portfolio of your designs and samples of your finished layouts upon request.
  • Sell downloads on your personal blog or create your own Web site. This requires a greater investment of your time than other approaches, but it gives you the most creative control over how your work is displayed. See the LoveToKnow Scrapbooking articles Looking for Scrapbooking Jobs Available, How to Open a Scrapbook Business, and How to Get a Home Job Doing Digital Scrapbooking for tips on getting started.
  • Etsy is often thought of as a marketplace for traditional craft projects, but there are several digital scrapbook designers selling papers, embellishments, and kits on this site as well.
  • ArtsCow is accepting designers for digital scrapbook kits. You set the prices for your products and get to keep 70% of the revenue you generate.

Have questions about how to make your own digital scrapbook paper? The LoveToKnow Scrapbooking tutorial How to Design Digital Scrapbook Pages explains this process in detail.

Additional Resources

You can find out more about scrapbooking as a business by reviewing the following books:

For more tips on starting your own business as a scrapbook paper designer, check out the helpful articles on the LoveToKnow Business channel.

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Scrapbook Paper Design Jobs