Scrapbook Paper Piecing Instructions

Paper piecings are an fun and inexpensive way to embellish your layouts.

If you're on a tight budget, you'll be pleased to learn that the Internet is full of free scrapbook paper piecing instructions and patterns you can use for your layouts. In fact, paper piecing can be used to create designs that perfectly match any layout theme.

About Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is a simple technique that scrapbookers use to create unique page embellishments. Similar to appliqué in quilting, paper piecing involves using a pattern to cut out parts of a picture from different pieces of paper. When the papers are reassembled and glued back together, you have an original accent for your layout.

The general steps for creating a paper piecing design are as follows:

  1. Find a pattern that suits the theme of your layout.
  2. Select the cardstock or patterned paper that matches your pictures.
  3. Trace your pattern onto the paper.
  4. Cut the pieces out.
  5. Use ink pens and scrapbook chalk to add shading and dimension to the pieces.
  6. Glue the pieces together like a puzzle. If you wish, use foam adhesive to give your project extra dimension.
  7. Add beads, buttons, ribbon, or any other applicable embellishments.
  8. Attach the finished embellishment to your layout.

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Free Scrapbook Paper Piecing Instructions

Since paper piecing is one of the most popular ways to embellish a layout, it should come as no surprise that there are many websites devoted to this technique. You can find scrapbook paper piecing patterns and general tutorials on these websites:

Using Coloring Book Pages as Paper Piecing Patterns

If you can't find a suitable paper piecing design online, consider creating your own pattern. Since they have simple illustrations with thick lines, children's coloring pages can easily be adapted for paper piecing projects. Simply make multiple copies of the page, cutting out each piece as necessary and using the original illustration as a guide for reassembling the design.The following websites have a number of free printable coloring pages that would work well as paper piecing patterns:

  • The Kidz Page has coloring pages with people, flowers, and animals.
  • Coloring Book Fun is a great place to look for patterns for holiday embellishments. This website features designs for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Black History Month, President's Day, and Flag Day.
  • DLTK's Coloring Pages has a selection of kids' coloring pages featuring popular characters such as Barbie, Scooby Doo, Shrek, Batman, Pokeman, and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • PBS Kids has coloring book pages that feature Barney, Clifford, Caillou, and other popular PBS characters.
  • Free Coloring has many designs with Christian and Jewish religious themes.

Faking the Handmade Look

While paper piecing is fun, sometimes it's simply not practical to create each page embellishment by hand. If you're looking for a quick way to jazz up your layouts, fake the look of a handmade paper piecing with Jolee's Boutique 3-D Stickers. These versatile embellishments are available in designs to fit every occasion, including Disney characters and Hasbro games.

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Scrapbook Paper Piecing Instructions