Scrapbook Paper Tote

A scrapbook paper tote makes it easy to organize and protect your patterned paper and cardstock.

A scrapbook paper tote is a necessity for any scrapbooker. Patterned paper and cardstock are essential scrapbooking supplies, yet these items can be very difficult to store. A scrapbook paper tote keeps paper neatly organized while protecting it from damage caused by creases, rips, stains, spills, or fading.

Factors to Consider

Before you head out to your local craft store to purchase a scrapbook paper tote, take some time to think about your paper storage needs. For example:

  • How much patterned paper and cardstock do you own?
  • Do you frequently scrapbook at classes, crops, or other events away from your home?
  • How do you prefer to keep your paper organized? Do you like to sort paper by color, theme, pattern, or manufacturer?
  • Do you have scrapbook paper in only one size or do you have a mixture of 6x6, 8x8, 8 1/2x11 and 12x12 sheets?
  • Do you belong to a kit club that sends coordinating layout kits each month? Do you want to keep the paper that comes with these kits separate from the rest of your stash?
  • Do you save your paper scraps? If so, do you want to store scraps with the rest of your paper?
  • Do you want to store stickers, markers, or other scrapbooking supplies in your paper tote?

Buying Scrapbook Paper Totes

Scrapbook paper totes can be purchased wherever scrapbooking supplies are sold.

Totes for Beginning Scrapbookers

The Retrospect 12x12 Paper & Accessory Organizer has two divided sections with 14 separate compartments to neatly organize paper, stickers, photos, die cuts, and other small embellishments. It's made from waterproof polypropylene and features a handle, buckle closure, and reinforced sewn cloth edges for added durability.

The Cambridge Collection Memory Express 12x12 Paper Keeper offers a stylish yet convenient way to protect your paper. This scrapbook paper tote has 15 expandable compartments, a turn-key latch, and a sturdy metal handle.

The Deluxe Scrap Satchel is the perfect tote for a beginning scrapbooker. A detachable shoulder strap, divided compartments, and fashionable red and black canvas fabric keep you ready to head off to a crop at a moment's notice. As an added bonus, this bag also features elastic loops to store up to 28 scrapbooking markers.

Totes for Intermediate and Advanced Scrappers

The Cropper Hopper Vertical-To-Go Tote lets you enjoy all the benefits of vertical paper storage while traveling. This scrapbook paper tote holds up to 200 sheets of 12x12 cardstock or patterned paper and can be used with Cropper Hopper's Sticker Envelopes, Paper Files, Paper Pouches, and Pages in Progress Dividers.

The Crop In Style XXL Tote is a complete on-the-go storage solution for all your scrapbooking needs. This deluxe scrapbook paper tote holds cardstock, patterned paper, stickers, punches, markers, and other craft essentials. A removable pen caddy is included to provide storage space for 75 markers.

If you need to store an impressive paper collection, the Crop In Style 'P3' Paper Tote is the perfect solution. This massive scrapbook paper tote features 32 inches of storage space and nine paper trays. The hard surface top can be used as a portable crafting table and deep side pockets offer extra storage space for small embellishments or frequently used tools. A locking handle and wheels allow for easy transport.

Other Storage Options

If you're primarily an at-home scrapper, a traveling scrapbook paper tote may not be the best storage solution. Here are some other options to consider:

  • Wire shelving is an inexpensive way to store a large paper collection.
  • Plastic storage drawers let you protect paper and other small supplies from dust, dirt, and damage. The units are stackable, so it's easy to expand your storage when necessary.
  • A mobile scrapbook center lets you keep supplies in a closet when not in use.
  • A scrapbook armoire will keep your supplies organized and act as an attractive piece of display furniture.
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