Scrapbook Tags

Tags make a wonderful addition to any scrapbooking layout.

Whether your style is casual and contemporary or traditionally elegant, scrapbook tags make a great embellishment for any layout.

Types of Scrapbook Tags

The use of tags in scrapbooking is a trend started by crafters who wanted to mimic the look of office supplies on their pages. Originally, they simply purchased ordinary shipping tags to use on pages with school or work-related themes. However, tags are now a scrapbooking staple that is suitable for use on any type of layout. Whether you're working on a beach vacation scrapbook or a mini-album featuring photos of your dog, there's a scrapbooking tag to fit your needs!

The number of tags available for scrapbooking is quite impressive. Tags can be characterized by the following traits:

  • Shape: Tags are commonly squares, rectangles, circles, or ovals. However, you can also find tags in heart, flower, or star shapes.
  • Size: Tags are available in a wide variety of sizes. There are tags that are small enough to use to mat individual letters in a page title, as well as tags that are big enough to use as a journaling block.
  • Material: Tags can be made from cardstock, patterned paper, or vellum. Some tags, especially circular tags, also have metal rims.

Using Tags on Your Layouts

Tags can be used on scrapbooking layouts in a number of different ways. For example:

  • Use a large tag as a photo mat.
  • Place sticker letters on small tags to create a unique title treatment.
  • Arrange a variety of patterned paper tags along the edge of your layout for a fun border.
  • Add simple photo captions to tiny tags.
  • Layer journaling printed on vellum over a patterned paper tag.
  • Tuck a tag in a pocket to add hidden journaling to your layout.
  • Tie several tags together with ribbon to make an interactive mini-album for your layout.

Of course, tags don't have to be limited to scrapbooking. If you're having fun decorating creative scrapbook tags, consider trying one of the following ideas to make the most of your leftover embellishments:

  • Use it as a bookmark.
  • Frame it for a unique piece of wall art.
  • Tie it to a package for a clever gift addition.
  • Add a magnet to it and stick it on your refrigerator.
  • Design a mobile for your craft room using tags of assorted sizes and colors.
  • Glue two tags together to make a pretty envelope for a store gift card.

Making Your Own Tags

Although you can purchase scrapbook tags whenever scrapbooking supplies are sold, making your own tags lets you create a truly customized look for your layouts. For example:

  • Templates: It takes practice to develop a steady hand, but you can cut your own tag shapes using plastic templates and a craft knife. If you can't find plastic templates at your local craft store, print your own tag templates on sturdy cardboard for an inexpensive alternative.
  • Paper punches: If you frequently use smaller sized tags in your scrapbooking, look for paper punches in assorted tag shapes.
  • Die cut machines: Die cut machines such as the Cricut or Sizzix often have cartridges that let you cut tag shapes in various sizes. If you can't afford to purchase your own die cut machine, see if your local scrapbook store has one available for public use.

If you decide to make your own scrapbooking tags, you may want to reinforce the hole in the tag with a small eyelet before adding ribbon or fibers.

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