Free Holiday and Seasonal Scrapbooking Borders

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Seasonal and holiday-themed scrapbook borders can add the perfect finishing touch to your project. They are convenient, economical, and highlight your photos without detracting from the overall message of your scrapbook layout. Print the following borders to use with your holiday pages.

Free Downloadable Borders

These borders are free to download and use. Click on any of the images to download a PDF file you can save to your computer and print. Cut out the borders you want to use and glue them to your scrapbook page. If you need help downloading any of the borders, try these helpful tips.

Free Christmas Borders for Scrapbooking

These Christmas borders are sure to brighten any page with seasonal cheer.

Other Seasonal Border Resources

Other free seasonal borders for your scrapbook layouts can be found on the following websites:

  • Page Borders has a printable ribbon bells and holly border for Christmas and a cute springtime insect themed border.
  • Instant Display has a collection of eight springtime themed PDF borders, including some with lines on them if you'd like a convenient way to add handwritten journaling to your layout.
  • This collection of free Halloween scrapbook stuff features downloadable Halloween borders with ghost, cat, pumpkin, bat, and witch motifs.

You can also make your own borders by using decorative scissors to cut out strips of free patterned papers for use on your page. The deckle, scallop, and wave patterns work especially well for this technique.

Printing Tips

When printing borders for your scrapbook, it's important to use acid free cardstock or photo paper and the highest possible quality setting on your printer. If you're printing a border that goes all the way around the edge of your page, you'll also want to make sure your printer's "Borderless Printing" feature is enabled to prevent a thin white edge appearing around your printable design.

If you are printing a scrapbook border and notice that the colors are drastically different from what you see on your monitor, you may be running low on colored ink. Fresh ink cartridges provide the best results for printable scrapbooking.

How to Use Your Page Borders

Page borders are fairly easy to use on their own, but here are some ideas to add a little extra visual interest to your next scrapbook layout.

  • If you're a 12 x 12 scrapbooker, fold a large frame style border sheet in half horizontally and glue the back to your scrapbook layout. This creates a decorative flap to add extra room for seasonal photos, holiday cards, or other trinkets.
  • Turn borders into photo frames by trimming and pasting them around a cardstock photo mat. Choose cardstock that matches your holiday theme.
  • Give printable borders a handmade touch by embellishing with glitter glue, brads, eyelets, or self adhesive rhinestones.
  • Add vintage style to your borders by crumpling and/or lightly sanding them before spritzing with a coat of diluted walnut ink. This works especially well with Halloween themes.
  • Apply a thin coat of Diamond Glaze to your printable border to make your own homemade epoxy embellishments.

Embellish Your Pages

While borders are not necessary to create a scrapbook page, they do add a level of detail that helps to give it a finished look. With seasonal and holiday themes especially, you can't go wrong with a little extra color and fun. Embellish your scrapbook pages with any of these borders and see them take on new life.

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Free Holiday and Seasonal Scrapbooking Borders