Scrapbooking Farm Ideas

Cows on the farm.

It can be difficult to come up with scrapbooking farm ideas. You may have photos from the family farm or from a recent visit to a local farm. No matter where or when, there are a number of ways to include these cherished farm photos into your scrapbooks.

Paper Ideas

Depending on the mood you're trying to generate with your layout, there are many color possibilities. Earth tones are the most obvious choice, but you can use pastels, muted colors, or even bright colors as well.

Patterned Papers

Patterned papers are a fun way to display your farm photos. Some great patterns include:


Embellishments for your farm scrapbook theme can range from die cuts to natural elements found on a farm.

  • Quilled Farm Animals: This project involves cutting, curling and piecing paper to make farm animals. The kit provides step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need for making sheep, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs and chickens.
  • has a number of farm-related scrapbook stickers, papers and die cuts.
  • A Cherry on Top also carries a variety of farm stickers and stamps - use the search term, "farm."

Die Cuts

There are a number of different choices for adding die cuts to your pages. You can make your own or purchase them pre-cut. Ebay Express has a variety of farm die cuts available.

Natural Elements

You can add natural elements found on a farm to your pages, but be careful. These types of elements are often not acid-free; therefore, they will discolor your pages over time.

  • Hay: Instead of real hay, tie 10-15 small pieces of raffia together in a fan shape.
  • Barbed wire: twist craft wire into a braid.
  • Pressed flowers
  • Animal hair: If you have a favorite animal from the farm, ask if you can clip a lock of hair from the animal to include in your layout.


Your journaling can do more than just tell the story of your photos. You can talk about the emotions you felt while on the farm. Grossed out by the smell? Did you feel free from the chaos of the city? Was this your first visit? Will you visit again?

Farm Quotes, Poems and Page Titles

If you're looking for quotes or poems to use on your farm scrapbook layouts, consider these:

If you need further inspiration, visit Denny or for more great page titles, poems and quotes.

Farm Scrapbook Kits

If you're short on scrapbooking farm ideas, try one of the following kits:

  • Studio Calico: This Farmer's Market kit is perfect for scrapbooking your produce farm life. Floral papers in robin egg blue and muted reds, a full sheet of icon stickers and alphabet stickers make this the perfect addition to your scrapbooking inventory.
  • A brightly colored kit including four patterned papers and six sticker sheets

Scrapbooking Farm Ideas Summary

Whether it is one page or an entire album, you can scrapbook your farm photos using a variety of colors, embellishments and journaling. The important thing, as with all scrapbooking, is to put your personality into it. Then, when someone looks at it, she or he learns something about you.

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Scrapbooking Farm Ideas