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Scrapbooking karate is a great way to pay tribute to your child's interest in martial arts. Your child works hard to become more skilled at martial arts and progress up to the next belt level. With the tournaments and ceremonies, there are many opportunities to document your child's progress through a scrapbook. There are also many martial arts scrapbooking options available due to the popularity of karate.

Types of Karate Scrapbooks

Before you begin your scrapbook project, decide what type of album to create. Karate scrapbooks are generally divided into the following types:

  • Karate class progress: Most people create a karate class album, which tracks the student's progress and includes details from tournaments and ceremonies all in one book.
  • Tournament album: Some people create albums just on specific tournaments or to record all tournaments they participate in.
  • Karate award ceremony album: An album dedicated to award ceremonies is a nice coffee table piece. Parents are often proud to show award ceremony albums that show off their child's karate accomplishments.
  • Karate special skills: A special skills album is also a nice way to track a karate student's progress. For example, a special skills album might focus only on photos of the student progressing through the Japanese and Okinawan kata, with or without weapons. Form and strength in karate katas are important to overall progress, and the movements resemble a graceful dance.

Choose the type of scrapbook that works best for you based on your child's age and karate level. A young child who is still a white belt may only need a karate class scrapbook.

Tips for Karate Scrapbooks

The following tips can help plan and create your karate scrapbook:

  • Shop for supplies at martial arts specialty stores. Many martial arts supply stores, such as the Karate Supply site, also have karate theme scrapbooking items. The specialty stores will have more karate embellishments than ordinary scrapbook stores.
  • Use prints from martial arts films as decorative elements in the scrapbook. If your son is a fan of martial arts films, he will really like this idea.
  • Use parts of your child's old uniforms or old belts in the scrapbook layout design. Cut an old patch or a section of a former belt and place it artistically in the scrapbook as a background, border or decorative element.
  • Ask your child for input on the design and layout of his scrapbook. He might feel strongly about the type of information you plan to include and want to participate in album creation.
  • Add karate terms to scrapbook pages to capture the feel of the sport.

Karate Terms for Scrapbooking

Learning martial arts terms can add an authentic touch to your scrapbook. Karate is usually taught using Japanese words. Here are some common karate terms in Japanese with translation:

  • Dojo - Karate school or training center
  • Sensei - Teacher
  • Shihan - Master teacher
  • Budo - Martial arts way
  • Bushi - Warrior
  • Bushido - Warrior code
  • Dogi or gi - Karate uniform
  • Kata - Fighting technique set, often performed alone
  • Karate-do - The karate way
  • Karateka - Someone who practices karate
  • Mokuso - Meditation
  • Obi - Belt

Suggested Scrapbooking Karate Supply List

Here is a suggested scrapbooking karate supply list to get you started:

  • Album of choice - There are many martial arts theme albums to consider
  • Martial arts weapon stickers
  • Karate student die cuts
  • Tournament medal die cut
  • Tournament word stickers
  • Karate uniform stickers
  • Karate black belt theme paper
  • Martial arts theme rubber stamps
  • Karate fighter stencil
  • Martial arts theme frames
  • Glue stick
  • Paper cutter
  • Photo corners

These items will get you started, but you can customize the list as you work on the project and get a better idea of what is needed for each layout.

Karate Scrapbooking Supply Online Resources

The Internet provides access to a larger number of martial arts theme scrapbook supplies. The following online retailers sell karate scrapbook supplies:

  • Martial Arts Party Store: This store has a large selection of martial arts scrapbooking supplies.
  • Scrap Your Trip: The Scrap Your Trip site has a martial arts section with some artistic embellishments and elegant decorative paper selections.
  • Scrappin Sports Stuff: The site specializes in sports scrapbooks. The martial arts section has many karate theme embellishments.

Explore these options for scrapbooking karate to create a memorable martial arts album.

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