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One enduring trend is scrapbooking labels or tags on layouts. Whether you buy pre-made labels or create your own, they are a quick and easy way to add a special touch to your scrapbook pages.

Label Basics

Labels don't have to be simple paper rectangles with adhesive backs; they can be of almost any material imaginable and as elaborate as you like. They're available in all shapes and sizes. They may be paper, wood, fabric, or plastic. You can even find labels made of stone, glass and mirrors. Remember to make sure that the materials are acid-free. If you're not sure, don't use them with irreplaceable photos.

If you like the look of decorative scrapbooking labels, but don't have the budget to buy fancy pre-made labels, try your hand at making your own. For your base, use shipping tags from an office supply store or download a free template like the one available at ScrapbookScrapbook and decorate with your own stickers, ribbons, stamps, or other embellishments. Creating your own not only allows you to create a very personalized page decoration, but also makes use of small scraps or leftover pieces that might otherwise go to waste.

Ideas for Using Scrapbooking Labels

Autograph Labels

Having a party or reunion with friends? Have everyone who attends sign a decorated tag to include on pages with their photos. This is an especially fun idea for children's birthday parties, as well as "first day of school" pages. It's an easy way to allow you to look back at how they change through the years.

Journaling in Labels

Sometimes looking at a big blank space to fill with writing is intimidating. Instead, use labels to break up your journaling into several smaller bits of a sentence or two. Scatter them throughout your layout for a casual look.

Highlight Words or Phrases

If you want certain thoughts or feelings to stand out on your page, put them in a label. Even a simple label draws attention to whatever is on it.

Highlight Small Photos

Small pictures can get lost on a page. If you're tired of simply matting them or even leaving them out entirely, try mounting several pictures on decorative labels and grouping the on your layout.

Create Continuity

One of the challenges when creating multiple pages or an entire scrapbook for a single event, such as a wedding or a vacation, is to create a flow between pages without making them identical. Using the same or similar labels on each page can help visually tie the pages together. For instance, in a wedding album, use a label to add a quote about love or marriage to each page.

That continuity can also help you use 'stray' pictures. It happens to every scrapbooker at some point. You have a stack of random photos snapped here and there that don't go with any layout you have planned, don't even go with each other, but that you like too much to let go unused. Mount them on identical labels, and create a page that ties together those different pictures into a single theme.

Create a Mini-Book

A quick and easy project takes scrapbook tags off the page and turns them into the page. Cut six to 10 tags from cardstock or heavy weight paper, and punch a single hole at the top of each tag. Tie the tags together with colorful ribbon or fibers, or use a jump ring or brad. Embellish the top label as a cover, then add photos to the remaining labels and decorate.

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Scrapbooking Labels