Short Easter Poems for Scrapbooks

Eggs and flowers

Short Easter poems can add a special touch to your holiday scrapbook pages. A poem can express a recent experience that is hard to describe in your own words or simply compliment your journaling.

The Easter Bunny

If you have pictures of your child meeting the Easter bunny, accompany your favorite images with this cute seasonal poem.

Some bunnies are brown and some are white,
But the Easter Bunny is always a delight.
Watch him go hop, hop, hop.
He's hiding eggs, with no time to stop.
They're under the picnic table and in the flower bed.
Purple, pink, orange, and red.
When he's done, he can't help but grin
'Cause he knows the hunt is about to begin!

The Prettiest Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs is a cherished Easter tradition in many families. Take pictures of the process from start to finish and accent your scrapbook page with this poem and some colorful Easter egg stickers or chipboard embellishments.

What fun is it to have eggs that are white?
That's why we dip them out of sight.
It might be really hard to wait,
But we know the results will be great.
Red, yellow, blue, and green.
The prettiest Easter eggs you've ever seen!

The Hunt

Snap pictures of eggs in their hiding spots, kids lined up with their baskets, and everyone racing to find as many eggs as possible. Use this poem to create a special Easter keepsake.

Easter eggs

Colorful eggs, both big and small
The Easter bunny has hidden them all.
Take a basket and look around
You'll find eggs up in trees and on the ground.
You'll find eggs over here and under there.
The Easter bunny is so clever, he's hidden eggs everywhere!

My Chocolate Bunny

What would Easter be without a giant chocolate bunny? This poem is the perfect accent for a page about your favorite Easter treat.

I can't believe that Easter's here.
I got a chocolate bunny, then I nibbled on its ear.
It didn't seem to do any harm,
Next I took a bite from his arm.
I wasn't expecting that bunny to be so sweet.
I couldn't stop myself from nibbling on his feet.
What happened next was really funny.
I looked up and found I'd finished off the whole chocolate bunny!

Yummy in My Tummy

This poem about Easter jelly beans works well to accompany photos of children eating their Easter candy. Choose brightly colored paper and stickers to highlight the rainbow theme.

A bag full of jellybeans is colorful and sweet.
In my opinion, they're the best Easter treat.
Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
A rainbow of jelly beans I plan to chew.
One, two, three, and four
I really must have some more.
I'm going to eat those jelly beans nonstop
Even if my tummy decides to pop!

Celebrate This Special Day

Crown of thorns

Use this poem to create a page about your Easter meal. If desired, add a pocket with recipe cards for your family's favorite dishes.

Easter is a time of rebirth
And a time of sacrifice.
Remember the resurrection,
As we come together to celebrate this special day.
Fill your hearts with His love and grace.
He's shown us the truth.
Christ, the Savior, lives again!
Let's gather around the table to sit and pray.

It's Easter Time

Since this poem incorporates many aspects of the holiday, it's suitable for a general collage style layout. Add the poem to the middle of the paper, then run a border of square cropped photos along the sides.

What do you think of when it's Easter time?
For me, Easter is about having fun,
Hunting chocolate eggs,
And eating a delicious hot cross bun.
I also like to sit outside
And watch the flowers bloom
I think about how Jesus
Was raised from the tomb.

Easter Acrostic

Cross on a hill

This simple acrostic poem works well to accompany photos of everyone dressed up for Easter worship services. Use cross stickers or rubber stamps to accent your page.


Using an Easter Poem in Your Scrapbook

You can add a poem to an Easter scrapbook page in a number of ways.

  • Main design: You can design a page around an Easter poem and a special photo. Highlight the poem with decorative elements such as a frame and stickers.
  • Photo element: A poem can compliment a photo. You can glue a copy of the poem next to a special photo or write the poem around a photo in the shape of a frame.
  • Page background: You can print a poem on a piece of paper and use it like decorative background paper for a page design. Glue a smaller blank piece of paper onto the background and add any photos or other design elements there.
  • Part of a design: Write the poem in an artful design such as in a heart shape or running along the page in a pattern. If you don't like your handwriting, use rubber stamps or letter stickers.

More Easter Poems

The following websites also have free, short poems suitable for scrapbooking:

  • Famous Poets and Poems: The site has a page of famous Easter poems by well-known authors such as Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, and Allen Ginsberg.
  • Poem Source: Poem Source has a page of religious Easter poems. Pair them with your favorite Bible verses to make a page that celebrates your faith.
  • Bethany Roberts: Bethany has an Easter section of her website with many classic Easter poems for younger children. These are perfect for scrapbooking photos of babies and toddlers celebrating the holiday.
  • Poems for Free: Poet Nicholas Gordon has a large selection of his Easter poems for free. He has a mixture of religious and family holiday themes.
  • KidsGen: KidsGen provides some classic Easter poems featuring the Easter bunny. They have a lighthearted tone that works well for accenting casual family snapshots.

Special Holiday Memories

There are lots of ways to express your creativity on your Easter scrapbook pages. Try sketching out ideas before you begin, challenging yourself to come up with new ways to showcase your favorite holiday memories and accenting them with poetry.

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