Friends and Family Scrapbook Examples

Friends and Family Scrapbooks

When searching for friends and family scrapbook ideas, you have many different options to consider. For example, patterned papers with words and phrases make it easy to build a quick scrapbook layout.


A group photo of relatives who seldom see each other is sure to become a cherished keepsake.

Grandma and Grandpa

Layouts showcasing the relationship between family members are always meaningful.

The Bookworm

Make your pages tell a story, such as how a loved one got his/her nickname.


Don't forget to scrapbook romantic moments between you and your spouse.

Puppet Show

Use pre-made quote or phrase embellishments to build a quick layout.


Patterned paper with a grid like design makes it easy to design a photo collage featuring your favorite friends and family pictures.

My Son

With the right patterned paper, a special photo takes center stage.

Pretty Boy

Silly photos of everyday moments provide a chance to showcase your creativity.

My Dream for You

Use alphabet stickers, chipboard words, and metal phrase embellishments to compose a letter to a loved one that can double as the dedication page for a special scrapbook album.

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Friends and Family Scrapbook Examples