Scrapbook Kids Playing

Playtime Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbook kids playing to create priceless layouts for your family album. From digging in the sandbox to lining up rows of toy cars, playtime is how children grow and develop. While formal portraits definitely have their place, candid pictures of your child enjoying his or her favorite activities capture important personality traits that might otherwise be lost.
At LoveToKnow Scrapbooking, we've created a gallery of scrapbook layouts that you can use for inspiration when creating your own pages of kids playing.

Cool Dude

Pages of kids playing dress up are priceless keepsakes.

Party Animal

A child's tea party with his or her stuffed animals makes for a cute scrapbook layout.


While you can't save actual Play-Doh sculptures in your scrapbook, pictures are the next best thing.


Scrapbook kids playing in the sandbox for a sweet and sentimental layout.

The Bookworm

Does your child love to read? Don't forget to take pictures!


Bright colors and fun embellishments jazz up a layout of a boy with his favorite toy car.

Boy at Work

Multi-photo layouts are great, but sometimes all you need for a page is one special image.

Silly Boy

Kids don't always need toys to be having fun!

Thomas & Friends

A featuring your child's favorite toys is a great addition to any scrapbook album.

Summer Fun

Clip art embellishments make frugal accents for baby and children scrapbook projects.

Be sure to include childhood memories from all types of fun and play for a treasured scrapbook keepsake.

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Scrapbook Kids Playing