Valentine's Day Scrapbook Ideas

Flowers for Me

Valentine's Day scrapbook ideas focus on feelings of love, appreciation, and romance. Whether you're scrapbooking a candlit dinner with your husband, a special card you received from your children, or a night on the town with your single girlfriends, there are plenty of colorful patterned papers and embellishments available to suit your needs. Accent your layout with glittery chipboard letters, rhinestone brads, fake silk flowers, or vintage alphabet stickers.
Add a romantic quote and some heartfelt journaling to create a page you'll be proud to show your family and friends.

Little Sweetheart

Missing a significant other? Scrapbook your favorite pictures of your little sweetheart!


Cut a large heart out of your favorite patterned paper for a frugal Valentine's Day embellishment.

I Love You!

Green, brown, and pink is a good choice for Valentine's Day scrapbook ideas with a masculine touch.

My Heart Stops

Felt die cut shapes and rhinestone brads add texture and interest to your pages.

What We Love

Can't think of anything to say? Use a quote for simple page journaling.

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Valentine's Day Scrapbook Ideas