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Spanish digital scrapbooking supplies can add a special touch to your layouts, although finding these items may prove challenging.

Creating a Spanish Scrapbook

Scrapbook layouts that incorporate Spanish words and phrases may be appropriate for a variety of occasions. For example, you may way to include Spanish elements in scrapbook pages about:

  • Your family's Spanish ancestry
  • A trip to Spain or Mexico
  • Your goal of mastering the Spanish language
  • Your experience learning Spanish dance
  • Your family's celebration of Cinco de Mayo
  • A fun night out with your friends at your favorite Mexican restaurant

Finding Spanish Digital Scrapbooking Supplies Online

Unfortunately, it appears to be much easier to find traditional scrapbook supplies with Spanish themes than it is to find digital Spanish scrapbook items. Even though digital scrapbooking has become much more popular in recent years, designers have primarily focused on the English language. However, you can find downloads to start your Spanish scrapbook project by visiting the following websites:

  • Scrap Girls has a digital kit with spicy Mediterranean colors and luscious graphics perfect for scrapbooking memories of Mexico.
  • Catch My Party has a large digital kit with 12 different papers, focused on Cinco de Mayo.
  • The Lily Pad has a Mexican themed digital scrapbook kit with bright colors and bold patterns that are sure to jazz up your favorite photos.

Making Your Own Spanish Scrapbook Supplies

If you can't find digital downloads that fit your needs, it's actually not too difficult to make your own Spanish scrapbook supplies. Try repeating words or phrases across a solid background or a faded version of one of your favorite vacation photos to make your own simple digital patterned paper.

For example:

  • Baby: el bebé
  • Boy: el niño
  • Family: la familia
  • Father: el padre
  • Friend: Amigo, amiga
  • Girl: la niña
  • Happy: feliz
  • Joy: la alegría
  • Love: el amor
  • Memory: la memoria
  • Mother: la madre
  • Party: la fiesta

Depending upon the theme of your page, you may want to visit sites like Brainy Quote or Think Exist for quotes about Mexico and Spain to incorporate into your scrapbook layout. Quotes can be used as page titles or journaling supplements.Other ways to make your own supplies for Spanish digital scrapbooking include:

  • Incorporate red, white, and green as the colors of the Mexican flag
  • Use Mexican inspired clip art featuring cactuses, maracas, or chili peppers
  • Choose patterned papers that mimic the designs in a sombrero
  • Incorporate red and yellow as the colors of the Spanish flag
  • Use clip art to add embellishments featuring flamenco music or bullfighting to pages about Spain

You can find more ideas for how to make your own digital scrapbook supplies by reviewing the following tutorials from LoveToKnow Scrapbooking:

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