Sticky Back Scrapbook Paper

Die Cuts with a View Adhesive Scrapbook Stack
Die Cuts with a View Adhesive Scrapbook Stack

Sticky back scrapbook paper, also known as sticky backed scrapbook paper or self adhesive scrapbook paper, is a revolutionary product that makes it easier than ever to preserve your precious memories.

The Appeal of Sticky Back Scrapbook Paper

There are many reasons to add sticky back scrapbook paper to your supply stash. For example:

  • When you use sticky back scrapbook paper for your projects, you don't have to worry about choosing the correct acid-free adhesive.
  • Sticky back scrapbook paper saves you from the hassle of trying to add glue to tiny punched shapes.
  • Sticky backed scrapbook paper can be used to make die cut shapes or letters with a Sizzix or QuicKutz.
  • Sticky backed scrapbook paper makes it very easy to scrapbook at crops and other special events. It's quick, convenient, and mess-free.
  • Sticky back scrapbook paper is ideal for scrapbooking with children who are too young to use other adhesive products.

Buying Self Adhesive Scrapbook Paper

Self adhesive scrapbook paper is available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can find self adhesive paper cut to mat 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 photos, as well as 8 ½ x 11 sticky backed scrapbook paper that can be easily run through your inkjet printer. Self adhesive vellum is also quite popular, since many novice crafters find it difficult to choose a suitable transparent adhesive for working with this type of paper.You can find self adhesive scrapbook paper at your local scrapbook store or at large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels Crafts. You can also buy sticky back scrapbook paper online. For example:

Using a Xyron

If you can't find sticky back scrapbook paper that suits your project, consider using a Xyron to make your own. A Xyron machine is an innovative scrapbooking tool that lets you add an even coating of adhesive to cardstock, patterned paper, vellum, or other specialty scrapbooking papers. Since a Xyron uses no heat, electricity, or batteries, it's easy to transport to crops and an excellent choice for scrapbooking with your children.To use a Xyron to make your own sticky back scrapbook paper, follow these steps:

  1. Print, draw, or stamp your design onto your paper if necessary.
  2. Cut your paper to a size that will fit in the model you have chosen.
  3. Carefully feed your paper face up into top end of the machine.
  4. Remove the paper from the bottom of the machine.
  5. Use a popsicle stick or some other type of flat tool to smooth out any creases or air bubbles.
  6. Peel off the top plastic sheet.
  7. Use your design in the same way as any other sticker.

Xyron products are available in a number of different sizes. The Xyron 150 can be used with paper up to 1.5" wide, while the Xyron 900 can be used with paper up to 9" wide. While the smaller Xyron models are strictly used for adding adhesives to scrapbook paper, larger Xyron machines can also be used to laminate projects, create magnets, or make homemade labels.

Permanent and repositionable adhesive refills are available for each product in the Xyron line. Permanent adhesive provides a strong bond suitable for many different types of projects, but many scrapbookers prefer the flexibility offered by repositionable adhesive.

Self Adhesive Embellishments

Once you've discovered how easy it is to create your layouts using sticky back scrapbook paper, you may find yourself wondering if there are other timesaving products you can use in your albums. Fortunately, scrapbook supply manufacturers have responded to the demands of busy crafters by creating a number of self adhesive embellishments. For example:

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Sticky Back Scrapbook Paper