Storage for Scrapbook Stickers

Dana Hinders
Crop-In-Style 3-Ring Binder
Crop-In-Style 3-Ring Binder

Stickers are one of the most popular scrapbook embellishments, but storage for scrapbook stickers can be a challenge. If you're not careful, your sticker collection can easily take over your entire scrapbook craft room!

Sorting Your Scrapbook Stickers

The first step to developing a sticker storage system is to come up with a method for sorting your stickers. There are a number of different approaches to this task, so feel free to choose the method that best fits your own creative process.

You can sort your stickers:

  • By color
  • By manufacturer
  • By theme (baby, travel, holiday, etc.)
  • By function (alphabet sticker, border sticker, embellishment sticker, etc.)
  • By type (vellum, glitter, foam, adhesive chipboard, etc.)

If you work on a scrapbook design team or plan to submit your layouts for possible publication in a scrapbook magazine such as Creating Keepsakes, keep in mind that you'll generally be asked to provide the manufacturer and product line information for the supplies you use when creating your pages.

Methods of Storage for Scrapbook Stickers

Once you've decided how to sort your stickers, it's time to decide what storage method you wish to use to keep your collection in order. You should base your storage for scrapbook stickers on four factors:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of space you have available to store your sticker collection
  • How fast your sticker collection appears to be growing
  • How much time you want to devote to maintaining your system of storage for scrapbook stickers

There are a number of specialty storage products available for organizing scrapbook stickers, such as the Crop-In-Style 3-Ring Binder or the Clip It Up However, it is not necessary to purchase these items in order to stay organized. You may already have the perfect sticker storage solution lying around your home!

Some of the most common ways to store a scrapbook sticker collection include:

  • In labeled Ziploc storage bags, with holes punched in the corners and attached to a large plastic ring
  • In sturdy plastic envelopes purchased from the local office supply store
  • In baseball card divider pages stored inside a pretty 3-ring binder
  • Inside the page protectors of an unwanted scrapbook album
  • In clean cardboard pizza boxes, decoupaged with your favorite patterned papers
  • In colorful photo storage boxes, labeled with the category of sticker
  • In wicker filing baskets stacked on a bookshelf
  • Hung on a peg board above your craft desk

Dealing with Leftover Stickers

One of the greatest challenges of scrapbook sticker storage is deciding what to do with leftover stickers. If you're too frugal to throw away stickers leftover from your latest scrapbooking project, here are some ideas to put them to good use:

  • Use leftover stickers as bits of adhesive when adding wrapping ribbon or fibers around a layout. Since the sticker will be on the back of your page, it won't matter what it looks like.
  • Cover leftover alphabet stickers of varying styles with black or brown ink, then mix them together to make a "ransom note" title for your scrapbook layout.
  • Create a collage background made with an assortment of stickers, then use the piece as custom background paper for your next layout.
  • Use stickers to make bookmarks or handmade greeting cards for friends and family.

Don't want to bother coming up with a use for leftover stickers on your own? Keep in mind that many schools, churches, and daycare programs accept donations of craft supplies. Even if you can't think of a good use for your leftover stickers, they may be just what a creative child needs to complete her next masterpiece.

Storage for Scrapbook Stickers