Strong Scrapbook Tape

Scrapbook Tape

Using strong scrapbook tape is imperative if you want your layouts to last. Often choosing the right materials is even harder than designing layouts. Review the types of tapes below and opt for the one that best suits your project. This will allow you to focus more of your time on the creative aspects of scrapbooking.

Types of Strong Scrapbook Tape

  • Mounting film is a double-sided archival adhesive that is available in 9 by 12 inch sheets. Use this type of tape to make stickers out of photos or die cuts because it is thin, clear and double sided.
  • Decorative embellishment tape is the same width as regular Scotch tape and it is available in two-yard rolls. The tape has adhesive on one side and a decorative pattern on the other. Use this tape to make frames around photos by fastening the tape on all four sides of the photo and pressing down firmly.
  • Photo squares are small, clear double-sided tape mainly used to attach photos to scrapbook layouts. The squares come in a box dispenser. Pull each square out of the box and press down onto a corner of the back of the photo. The backing is pulled away from the top of the square to reveal the other sticky side. After you attach all four corners of a photo square, flip it over and press onto the layout.
  • Tacky Tape, manufactured by Provo Craft, is a narrow roll of extremely strong double-sided tape. The tape is mounted onto the layout where desired and the top sticky layer exposed. Sprinkle beads or glitter over the exposed tape to bond them to the tacky tape permanently.
  • Scotch brand sells a double-sided tape pen that is refillable. The clear tape is pressed over the back of photos or die cuts and rolled to deliver adhesive film where needed.
  • Tape runners are the most popular form of scrapbook tape manufactured by Creative Memories and Vario. The roll of double-sided photo squares is mounted inside a reusable dispenser. Roll the adhesive squares on to the backs of photos and die cuts in the same way as the double-sided tape pen, however, they are pre-cut squares instead of adhesive tape film.

Where to Buy Strong Scrapbook Tape

In Stores

  • Joann's has an entire section for scrapbooking needs. Choose from several different manufacturers of scrapbook tape.
  • Wal-Mart also has a limited number of scrapbook adhesives available in their arts and craft section.

Online Retailers

  • Scrapbooking Warehouse specializes in foam squares and sticky dot adhesive tapes.
  • Scrapbook Adhesives is a manufacturer that sells their product online. Their inventory includes dispensers, mounting tapes and adhesive photo corners.

Additional Tips

To get the most out of your scrapbooking time, gather your materials first so you do not run out of the essentials necessary to complete your projects. Keep a running inventory of your consumable supplies and plan to restock when your local stores have sales.

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Strong Scrapbook Tape