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Using The Cinch Memory Keepers Tool

Dana Hinders
The Cinch
The Cinch

If you enjoy making your own scrapbook albums, The Cinch Memory Keepers bookbinding tool is one gadget you'll definitely want to consider adding to your supply stash. Instead of paying between $10 and $40 for a pre-made scrapbook album, you'll be able to create your own customized books for just a few dollars each. For the avid scrapbooker, the upfront cost of The Cinch will be saved in just a few months!

About The Cinch Memory Keepers

The Cinch Memory Keepers bookbinding tool was introduced at the CHA 2010 trade show. It features a punching level, customized hole punching knobs, and a cinching bar that makes it easy to add a spiral binding to any of your scrapbooking or paper crafting projects. The device typically sells for between $100 and $120.

Early reviews of The Cinch have been filled with praise.

  • It's lightweight, compact, and very sturdy.
  • Although The Cinch is fairly easy to use, it's great that the instructions are printed directly on the machine. You'll never have to worry about misplacing your user manual again!
  • Measurements are printed in both inches and centimeters.
  • The Cinch punches stylish round holes instead of the rectangles used by many older bookbinding machines. This gives your project a clean and contemporary look while making it easier to thread the binding through the punched pages without accidentally snagging or tearing the paper.
  • If you like to scrapbook at night, you'll be pleased to learn that The Cinch is relatively quiet when in use. Most crafters who've tried the tool so far say it doesn't disturb sleeping family members.

Tips for Using The Cinch

When using The Cinch, you'll want to keep in mind the following helpful tips:

  • The Cinch has a six inch cutting area, although there are guides to help you line up the punches for 12 inch or longer projects.
  • The Cinch will punch up to 20 pages of regular copy paper or about 10 pages of scrapbooking cardstock. If you're having trouble pushing the level down, however, you may want to try punching fewer sheets at a time.
  • The Cinch uses the same cutting technology as the Crop-A-Dile. Any materials you can cut in the Crop-A-Dile can be cut with The Cinch. This includes fabric, chipboard, plastic, and more.
  • There is a tray in the back of The Cinch that collects the paper "confetti" leftover from your hole punching. To avoid messes, remember to empty this tray after every project.

Projects to Make

Once you discover how much fun it is to use The Cinch, you may find yourself in search of bookbinding projects. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Make a recipe album with all your family's favorite dishes and the stories behind them.
  • Use leftover paper scraps and embellishments to make a homemade ABC book as a gift for a toddler.
  • Bind together large manila envelopes and decorate the front of the envelopes to make a fun memorabilia scrapbook.
  • Bind together a collection of die cut tags for a fun mini album to give as a gift to a non-scrapbooking friend.
  • Use inexpensive file folders bound together to create a monthly organizer for handmade greeting cards.
  • If you have children at home, don't forget that The Cinch is great for kids crafts and school projects. Your child can make a bound collection of his favorite drawings or create a few professional looking cover for his next book report.
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Using The Cinch Memory Keepers Tool