Top Scrapbook Layout Techniques

Try a new scrapbook technique.

Understanding the top scrapbook layout techniques can be a good way to get new ideas for how to creatively preserve your family's precious memories.

Five Top Scrapbook Layout Techniques

Obviously, each scrapbooker has her own unique sense of style. One of the nicest things about scrapbooking is that your pages can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. However, if you're looking for a way to challenge yourself creatively, you may want to consider trying one of the top scrapbook layout techniques during your next cropping session.

Rub Ons

Rub ons are a great scrapbook embellishment. Like stickers, they are available in designs to fit any page topic. Unlike stickers, however, they look "painted" onto the page background. They can also be applied to metal, chipboard, or canvas, which gives you even more creative options.

Rub ons come in packages with several different designs on one sheet. Cut out the design you want, peel off the protective backing, and use the enclosed Popsicle stick applicator to transfer the design. Press firmly to ensure the cleanest transfer. If the design fails to transfer completely, fill in the gaps with a fine tipped acid-free scrapbooking marker.


Attaching ribbon is a wonderful way to add texture to your scrapbook layouts. You can find plain or patterned ribbons in velvet, satin, and other luxurious fabrics. Ribbons can be used as borders or as decoration for journaling tags, or they can be sewn together to make handmade flower embellishments.If you're a scrapbooker on a tight budget, keep in mind that ribbons don't necessarily need to be purchased from your local craft store. You can save the ribbons on gifts you receive or cut them off old clothes to make for thrifty personalized page accents.


Chipboard embellishments give scrapbook layouts a sense of dimension since they seem to pop right off the page. Because of its weight, chipboard needs to be adhered with glue dots or a strong double sided tape. Chipboard can be purchased already decorated or you can buy plain chipboard accents that can be painted, stamped, or decoupaged to make customized embellishments for your scrapbook layouts. Use chipboard sparingly, however, since it can add a fair amount of bulk to your scrapbook album.

Die Cuts

Die cuts are affordable scrapbook embellishments that work well with any type of design style. The selection of available die cuts includes letters, words, phrases, geometric shapes, frames, flowers, and seasonal designs. Some die cuts may resemble scrapbook stickers at first glance, but they do not have an adhesive backing and will need to be glued onto the page.Dedicated scrapbookers often find it's best to purchase a die cutting machine so they can make their own die cuts when needed for a project. The Cricut remains the most popular die cutting choice, although the Making Memories Slice machine offers a portable option that appeals to scrapbookers who like to travel to crops. The cost of purchasing a die cut machine may seem high, but keep in mind that you'll save money over the long term by not needing to buy individual embellishments for every layout you make.


Eyelets have a lot of uses, which explains their consistent popularity. They can be used to replace bullet points in a journaling list, as the center of die cut flowers, or as a substitute for traditional photo corners. Combining eyelets of different sizes and colors onto a plain cardstock background is also a fun way to try making your own patterned paper. If you have small children at home and frequently scrapbook when they're asleep, invest in a silent setter for adding eyelets to your pages. Pounding on your eyelets with a hammer is a great way to relieve stress, but not if it results in a cranky child!

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Top Scrapbook Layout Techniques