Train Track Scrapbook Layouts

Train tracks

Train track scrapbook layouts are a fun way to catalog travels and make creative photo display pages. Photographing train tracks is an art and the right layout can show off the beauty of the train tracks.

Train Track Scrapbook Tips

If you already have a habit of photographing train tracks during your travels, you probably already have an impressive photo collection of various train tracks. Many people like to photograph the train tracks as one of their travel landmarks. Others see them as symbolic and artistic in structure.

The following tips will help you plan a train track scrapbook:

  • Determine if the scrapbook will be a travel log or more of an artistic expression. The two types require very different decorative elements and artistic detail.
  • Include souvenirs from your train travels, such as ticket stubs or a dining car menu, in the scrapbook.
  • Write short descriptions of famous trains and train journeys on different pages.
  • Add a postcard or old photos of trains to layouts as embellishments.

Title Ideas for Train Track Scrapbooks

Have you thought of any titles for your scrapbook? The title sets the tone of the album. You can create a title for the entire album and separate titles for various pages. Consider the following possible titles:

  • Tracks
  • All Aboard
  • Tracking Across Country
  • Train Riding
  • Train Spotting
  • Tracking Around
  • Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
  • The Little Engine That Could
  • Railroad Journeys
  • Trains and Tracks
  • Track Adventures
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Trains, Tracks and Railroads
  • Ticket, Please

Ideas for Creating a Train Track Scrapbook Layout

There are many ways to create a train track scrapbook. Here are some layout ideas for a train track scrapbook:

  • Train Track Frame: Draw a frame on a cardstock paper and then create a train track design on the frame. Cut out the frame and add it to a special photo as the main layout element on the page. You can also buy premade frames and die-cuts of train tracks. If working with a premade version, simply clue the track die-cut to the frame. Add a sticker of a train at the top of the frame on the tracks. At the bottom of the page, write a quote about trains.
  • Train Conductor and Train Car: Draw a train conductor and train car on cardstock, color in details with colored pencils or markers and then carefully cut them out. (You can substitute die-cuts, if available.) Glue the train conductor and train car on corresponding sides of a page. Add a picture to the center of the page. Put stickers on all four corners of the photo. Include a short poem about trains at the top of the page.

Free Fonts for Train Scrapbooks

There are many websites on the Internet that offer free downloadable fonts for train scrapbooks. The following websites have fonts suitable for train track or train scrapbooks:

Additional Resources for Train Track Theme Layouts

There are a number of scrapbook supplies online for train track layouts. The following websites carry free printable train track scrapbook layout supplies and layout advice:

  • My Craft Book: The My Craft Book site has a railroad scrapbook layout page sample.
  • Scrap Your Trip: Scrap Your Trip sells sticker, paper and die-cuts in the train theme.
  • Stickers n Fun: The Stickers n Fun site has two sample train scrapbook pages that incorporate tracks in the layout. The sample is for a child's scrapbook.

There are many creative ways to create a train track theme layout for your scrapbook. Have fun putting together your train track scrapbook layout.

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Train Track Scrapbook Layouts