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Vellum scrapbook paper can be used to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your scrapbooking projects.

About Vellum

Vellum is a translucent specialty paper that is often a prominent element on wedding announcements, anniversary cards, and baby shower invitations. However, vellum has become a popular addition to the scrapbook world as well.

Scrapbook supply manufacturers have created a number of vellum products for you to incorporate into your layouts. If you're interested in working with vellum scrapbook paper, consider adding the following items to your supply stash:

  • Plain white vellum
  • Colored vellum
  • Vellum with floral or geometric prints
  • Scrapbooking quotes and phrases printed on vellum
  • Vellum stickers

Using Vellum Scrapbook Paper

Vellum is surprisingly versatile. If you're new to using vellum in your scrapbooks, try one of these ideas on your next layout:

  • Use vellum to mat a favorite photo.
  • Use vellum scrapbook paper to make a transparent pocket for holding memorabilia on your layout.
  • Layer plain vellum over your patterned paper to tone down the look of a bold print.
  • Use your computer to print journaling or clip art on vellum scrapbook paper.
  • Rubber stamp a colorful background onto plain vellum.
  • Change the color of plain vellum with ink or chalk.
  • Tear your vellum for a softer look.
  • Crumple and crease your vellum to add texture to your layout.
  • Use stencils to dry emboss an image onto your vellum.
  • Use decorative edge scissors to give your vellum a distinctive flair.
  • Use colored vellum to create a faux stained glass look for your layout.
  • Use vellum to mimic the look of glass in your scrapbook paper piecings.

Tips for Working with Vellum

Working with vellum requires a slightly different approach than working with other types of scrapbooking paper. To get the best results, remember these simple tips:

  • Smudges and creases will show up very easily on vellum, so proper storage is a necessity. If you have a lot of vellum scrapbook paper, consider investing in a scrapbook paper tote to use exclusively for vellum.
  • Ink will take longer than normal to dry on vellum. Allow plenty of drying time after printing, stamping, or writing on your vellum.
  • Some thicker types of vellum can be difficult to cut properly. If you're having trouble getting clean cuts on your vellum scrapbook paper, use a craft knife and a metal ruler.
  • Plain vellum purchased from an office supply store is often cheaper than vellum marketed to scrapbookers. However, if you've purchased your vellum from an office supply store and are worried about archival safety, test your vellum with a pH pen before adding it to your layout. Vellum made specifically for scrapbookers is tested for longevity, but other types of papers may not be acid-free.

Adhering Vellum to Your Layout

One of the most common complaints novice scrapbookers have about using vellum in their layouts is the difficulty of adhering vellum to cardstock or patterned paper. Since vellum is transparent and very porous, most scrapbooking adhesives will show through the paper. However, there are ways to work around this problem. For example:

  • Use a specially designed vellum adhesive.
  • Run your vellum through a Xyron machine to apply adhesive, plus other options.
  • Use a plain glue stick, then cover the glue spots with a strategically placed sticker or die cut.
  • Attach the vellum scrapbook paper with photo corners.
  • Set eyelets or scrapbook grommets in the corner of your vellum.
  • Use brads to attach your vellum to the page.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the vellum sheet, then tie it to your background paper with ribbon.
  • Use your sewing machine to stitch the vellum directly to your layout.

Additional Information

If you're interested in learning more about working with vellum scrapbook paper, check out these helpful resources:

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