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frame stickers made with Xyron Creatopia

The Xyron Creatopia is a handy, versatile scrapbooking product from a well-known leader in the crafting tool industry. The Creatopia allows you to laminate, emboss, die cut, and glue your scrapbook embellishments without heat, batteries, or electricity. This is an energy-efficient mechanical tool with multiple functions. If you are looking for a full-featured crafting center and do not need a hot laminator, the Xyron Creatopia is worth considering.

About the Xyron Creatopia

Xyron makes a wide variety of cartridges that cut special shapes and emboss various designs on your papers. You simply turn a handle to roll your paper between the design tools to emboss, cut, laminate, or glue it. You can even create custom stickers and apply designs to fabric, as well as paper and foil.

The Xyron Creatopia comes with several starter cartridges, including one cartridge with 25 feet of adhesive, but you will want to buy several additional cartridges to get the full benefit of its features.

Cost and Availability

The Xyron Creatopia costs anywhere from $100 to $200 on Amazon.com or your local craft store. Single cartridge prices range from $11 to $35. While the initial cost might seem daunting, it makes sense to invest in this machine if you frequently buy premade embellishments and specialty papers. If you constantly have a difficult time finding the right craft or scrapbook item in the right color or print, you will appreciate the versatility of the Creatopia. Another bonus is that you can make a variety of elements to color-coordinate one or more entire scrapbook albums. If you own a scrapbook shop, you could even use the Creatopia to create embellishments for sale.

Xyron Creatopia's Footprint

The Creatopia handles full-sized 12-by-12 scrapbook paper down to the smallest scrapbook element up to 1/2-inch thick. It stows away nicely into your scrapbook closet, with only a 22 inches by 10 inches-wide footprint and a collapsible handle.


The Xyron Creatopia is a cold laminator that is not as effective and sturdy as a hot laminator and only accepts paper up to 12-inches wide. If you need a serious laminator that can accommodate larger projects you may want to consider buying a hot laminator instead.

Creative Possibilities


If you can think of a paper or fabric scrapbook element, you can probably create it with the Creatopia. After you invest in a few specialty cartridges, you may never need to buy another scrapbooking tool again.You're only limited by your imagination with the Creatopia. It can create everything from die cut elements such as letters, flowers, and frames; special edge decorations for your pages, or custom stickers and fabric adhesion. You'll hardly need anything else to finish your pages.

Not Just for Scrapbooking

You may discover other paper crafts, such as handmade greeting cards and gift wrapping embellishments, are easier with this tool. You may even find a source of income from your items that have a professional appearance that is difficult to achieve by hand, but easy to create with this machine.

Kids' Projects

Your children can use the Xyron Creatopia to make more professional looking scouting and school projects in a shorter amount of time than they otherwise could. You may even find that your craft room is tidier without scissors and glue scattered everywhere. This one tool can handle nearly all of your family's paper crafting and scrapbooking projects.

Deciding to Buy

The Xyron Creatopia is a worthy investment that will pay for itself quickly and allow you to expand your creative options. When you have an idea for something that you cannot find on the shelves at your local craft store, you can turn to your Creatopia. It can replace several other scrapbooking tools, potentially saving you money; however, be sure to factor in any additional cartridges you will want to buy before deciding. The Creatopia will keep you and your kids busy crafting - something any crafter, parent, or teacher is sure to love.

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Xyron Creatopia