Free Smash Book Printables

Cropped Top 10 Smash Book Page

Smash Books provide a convenient way to document important events while preserving special photos and memorabilia. Free printables let you create a customized Smash Book that reflects your unique sense of style.

Free Printable Pages for Your Smash Book

Printable pages are an easy way to add layouts to your Smash Book. The printables featured below are available as free PDF downloads in two sizes. Use the 7 x 10 size if you wish to add pages to a purchased Smash Book, such as the Simple Smash Journal from K&Company. Use the 8 1/2 x 11 size if you wish to add pages to a three-ring binder you are using as a homemade Smash Book. PDF files should be opened with Adobe Reader.

These printables should be printed on white cardstock. Use the double-sided printing feature on your inkjet printer to add a pattern to the back of your Smash Book page. If desired, you could also make a second page using only the accompanying printed pattern.

Smash Book Layout Ideas

Smash Books are less formal than scrapbooks, so there are many different ways in which to use these free printable pages. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use the printables to assemble a Smash Book for your child. Writing down special memories is a fun way to encourage children to develop important literacy skills. Use the Top 10 for their favorite movies, toys, or family activities. Add special dates to calendar pages, and make a fun list of all of their favorite things.
  • Document a family vacation with a Top 10 list of vacation memories next to cropped photos of some of your favorite vacation moments. Instead of photos you could also use selected vacation mementos like postcards, brochures, and ticket stubs.
  • Design an opening layout for a Year in Review Smash Book by listing your Top 10 events from the year.
  • Use the printable monthly calendar page to highlight a birthday, wedding, or other special event. Fill out the calendar, then draw a circle or heart around the highlighted date. Add pictures and memorabilia as needed to complete the page.
  • Use the monthly calendar page to make a layout that shows how busy your family is. Jot down a memorable event from each day, then add photos and memorabilia on the following page.
  • Make a Smash Book chronicling how your children have changed over time by providing periodic updates of their favorite things next to a few special photos.
  • Make a Smash Book keepsake for a family reunion with layouts that showcase each family member's favorite things next to their portraits.

Express Yourself

Smash Books are similar to art journals in that they encourage the user to document special memories in unique and creative ways. Since free printables can be used an unlimited number of times, they are the perfect way to try out new techniques. Don't be afraid to doodle, paint, or make a collage on your Smash Book page. If you make a mistake, you can always print out a new page and try again!

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Free Smash Book Printables