How to Make Pop-Up Scrapbook Pages

pop up scrapbook page

Adding pop-ups to your scrapbook page is an easy way to add an interactive element to your layout. Since this technique requires no special tools, it's also a thrifty way to embellish simple layout designs.

Creating a Scrapbook Pop-Up

This example is a Christmas layout, but the same basic technique can be adapted to fit whatever photos you are working with.


  • 1 sheet 12" x 12" solid color background cardstock
  • 1 sheet 12" x 12" coordinating color cardstock for photo mats
  • 1 sheet 12" x 12" patterned paper
  • 3 4" x 6" pictures (2 horizontal and 1 vertical)
  • Clip art or stickers to match the theme of your page
  • Brown fluid chalk ink (optional)
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper clip
  • Ruler


1. Cut two wavy borders for the top and bottom of your page, using the patterned paper you have selected. If desired, run the brown fluid chalk ink over the cut portions of the page to give the paper an aged look.

2. Glue the borders to the top and bottom of your solid cardstock background, applying no adhesive to the top left portion of the bottom border.

pop-up scrapbook 1

3. Cut photo mats measuring 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" for each of the three featured photos. Use your glue stick to adhere the photos to the mats.

4. Glue the photos to your page. Tuck bottom of the vertical photo under the wavy portion of the bottom of the border.

pop-up scrapbook 02

5. Cut a rectangle measuring 4 1/2" x 3" from the cardstock sheet used for your photo mats.

6. Cut a rectangle measuring 4" x 6" from the patterned paper sheet used for your top and bottom page borders. Fold this rectangle in half. (The paper in this example is double sided, but you do not need to use double sided paper for your project.) Make two slits in the middle of the paper that are 1/2" tall and 1/2" apart.

pop-up scrapbook 03

7. Open your paper. Push the cut out portion forward. Close the paper and run over all of the creases with your fingernail.

pop-up scrapbook 04

8. Open the paper once more. Glue the embellishment of your choice to the front section of the pop-up portion of the paper. This example uses vintage Christmas clip art. If you want to use a sticker, adhere it to cardstock first before gluing it to your pop-up. If you use the sticker as is, it will adhere to your pop-up when it is closed.

9. Add the desired journaling. This example uses journaling in Tahoma 11 pt. type. Adjust the font size as needed to fit all of your text.

pop-up scrapbook 05

10. Close your card. Glue the rectangle that matches your photo mats to the front of the card. Add a title for your page, in this case it's "Merry Christmas."

pop-up scrapbook 06

11. Glue the bottom of the card to your layout.

pop-up scrapbook 07

12. To prevent your pop-up from accidentally tearing, use a paper clip to keep the card closed when not in use.

pop-up scrapbook 08

Pop-Up Variations

If you have lots of photos to include in your scrapbook layout, try using this pop-up technique to create extra space for more pictures. Use your best photos for the top portion of the pop-up card, then cut the other photos to fit on the inside of the pop-up card. You can crop them as squares or cut them into hearts, stars, and other decorative shapes.

Using Pop-Ups with Page Protectors

If your scrapbook album has plastic page protectors, you have two options for working around them with pop-up:.

  • You can put the base of your layout into the page protector and then adhere the pop-up card to the top of the plastic page protector using strong double sided tape.
  • You can cut out a portion of the plastic page protector using a sharp craft knife. This ensures that the pop-up remains easily accessible.

Have Fun with Your Layouts

Pop-up elements add a whimsical touch to almost any type of scrapbook layout. Have fun experimenting with this technique to see what special touches you can add to your scrapbook album.

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