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Beach Scrapbook Layouts

download free beach scrapbook layout page

Time spent at the beach is a popular theme for scrapbook pages, whether you're spending a fun day in the sun with the kids or taking a romantic vacation at a secluded resort. Make your beach-themed layouts a little easier with these simple to use layout templates that you can print out and customize.

Printable Beach Layouts

The following printable scrapbook layouts are available in both 8x8 and 12x12 sizes. If you need help downloading the printable layouts, check out these helpful tips. Use the available spaces on each template to include photos, trinkets, and some journaling to make each page truly personal.

Sunny Beaches Layout

This layout captures the sun and sand of any beach excursion. In addition to photos and journaling, you can make this design more eye-catching in a variety of ways.

  • Bring home a small bag of sand from the beach, and add it to the sandy beach portion of the page using clear-drying glue, just as you would add glitter.
  • Outline the leaves of the palm trees with embossing powder to make them pop, then add coconuts with stickers or brown craft foam.
  • Add fish or other aquatic creatures to the water using stickers or rub-ons. Alternatively you could place carefully cropped photos of you and your family swimming in the water.

For a larger template, print Sunny Beaches in the 12x12 size.

Sand and Starfish

This is a simple, pretty layout that can be used for almost any beach-themed page. Make sure you type in your preferred page title before printing the file. Other options include:

  • Print the layout with a blank title and use stickers to create the title for the page.
  • Cut out a second shell that's the same size as the one on the page. Attach it with loops of string or small grommets to create a shell that opens up to reveal a photo or other beach memento.
  • Highlight the water in the title bar with a sprinkling of clear or silver glitter.
  • You can also print this beach layout as a 12x12 page.

Simple Beach Scrapbook Layout

If you're looking for a basic layout with a distinctive beach theme, this one is perfect. With lots of room for pictures and written notes, you can use this layout for lots of different pages and make it look different each time. Customization options include:

  • Make a collage out of your photos and use it to fill the large space.
  • Use cut-outs or stamps to create an eye-catching title bar.
  • Attach small shells or other beach items in the corners or along the edges of each opening, giving your photos a unique scrapbook frame.

This layout is also available to print in a larger, 12x12 format.

Preserve Your Beach Memories with Ease

After your next trip to the beach, preserve your photos and memories quickly and easily by using one or more of these fun beach scrapbook layouts. Use your imagination to embellish each page and make them stand out. If you and your family head to the beach often, you could end up with a well-stocked, complete scrapbook documenting many years of great beach memories.

Beach Scrapbook Layouts