Binding Machine for Stamping and Scrapbooking

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If you're interested in creating your own albums, consider a binding machine for stamping and scrapbooking. Although the initial equipment fees can be somewhat high, these machines may be a good investment for serious scrapbookers and home publishers.

Binding Machine for Stamping and Scrapbooking

If you've been involved with scrapbooking for some time, you've probably noticed that it can become an expensive hobby. Typical paper-based scrapbook albums can cost from $10 to $40, and that doesn't even include the decorative papers, rubber stamps, ink, embellishments, and other supplies. If you only make one or two albums a year, the cost can be manageable, but if you're serious about your hobby, these expenses can really add up.

One way that some rubber stamping and scrapbooking enthusiasts defray the expense of making albums is to purchase personal binding machines. There are some distinct advantages to owning one of these binders:

  • Binding machines provide nearly unlimited flexibility in the size and shape of your scrapbook and stamping albums. You can create tiny albums to give children or big, coffee table-sized books to share with friends.
  • Owning a binder offers an affordable alternative to buying professionally-printed scrapbooks of your digital layouts.
  • If you own a binder, you don't have to wait for a book to be printed. You can do it yourself right away.

Types of Binding Machines

Binding machines come in a wide variety of styles and corresponding price points. Depending on which type of binder you purchase, you can expect to spend between $60 and $1,000 for the machine. You also need to purchase the binding supplies that are designed for the equipment.

Comb or Coil Binders

If you're looking for a budget scrapbook binder, consider a coil or comb binding machine. These devices punch a row of holes through the edge of your scrapbook pages and then bind the pages together using coiled plastic spines. The spines come in dozens of sizes and colors, so you can choose a design what works well with your cover layout. Because this type of binding is less durable than some of the alternatives, it works best for thin stamped books or scrapbook albums.

Before buying a coil or comb binder, be sure to research the capacity of the equipment. If you bind large scrapbooks or albums with very thick pages, you may need a heavy duty model. Some comb binders do not include the hole-drilling machine needed to accept the binding. Make sure you purchase a package that includes everything you need.

You can buy comb binders at scrapbooking stores, office supply retailers, and the following Internet shops:

Thermal or Tape Binding Machines

Thermal binding is a process in which you apply a strip of glue-coated tape to the spine of your scrapbook. The binding machine uses heat to melt the glue, which then adheres to all of the pages in the book. As the album cools, the glue sets to create a durable bond.

Although you can purchase tape binders for around $100, most are a bit more expensive. If you're serious about your albums, then this method offers a very professional appearance. Once you own the machine, the supplies for the tape binding method are relatively inexpensive.

One popular thermal binding model is the YourStory Thermal Book Binder by Provo Craft. You can buy this model and other thermal binding machines from the following Internet retailers:

Other Considerations

Depending on the number of albums you create, you may decide that a binding machine for stamping and scrapbooking isn't in the budget. Consider some of these alternatives:

  • Watch for scrapbook album sales at your local craft store
  • Buy albums in bulk from a wholesale scrapbooking supply site
  • Use a three-ring binder to create an inexpensive scrapbook cover
  • Take your albums to the local copy shop to have them bound
  • Borrow a binder from a friend

If you do a great deal of scrapbooking or you frequently need to create albums that are not the standard size, then a personal binding machine may be worth the investment.

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Binding Machine for Stamping and Scrapbooking