Free Father's Day Digital Scrapbook

blue and beige scrapbook layouts for father's day
Download the blue and beige layout

This pre-made free Father's Day digital scrapbook layout is a great way for you to express how you feel about the father or grandfather in your life. It's a high-resolution image, so it is also printable for traditional or hybrid scrapbooking.

Advantage of Pre-Made Layouts

Pre-made digital scrapbook layouts are also called "quick pages." Pre-made layouts are complete pages that you layer over your photos for an instant digital or printable scrapbook album.

beach scrapbook layout
Download this beach scrapbook layout

You can create your own free Father's Day digital scrapbooks by layering coordinating free digital scrapbooking embellishments over free papers in Father's Day-themed patterns and colors. When planning your scrapbook for dad, choose one or two main colors, such as blue and green, and a neutral color like khaki. Then look for papers and elements in these colors. Remember, you can use your image editing software to tint or re-color anything that doesn't quite match your other elements. Look for styles that match your tastes more than colors.

If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Free Father's Day Digital Scrapbook Elements

Here are some ideas for free elements you can search for to create a masculine, dad, or grandfather-themed scrapbook for Father's Day:

  • Plaid and striped papers
  • Grungy or shabby papers and elements
  • Simple, wood photo frames
  • Hobby-themed elements, such as woodworking tools
  • Sports-themed elements, such as football or fishing embellishments
  • Hearts, to show your husband, dad, or grandfather how much you love him
  • For the father-to-be, baby elements and backgrounds
  • Cars or other symbols that represent the interests of the dad in your life

You can also scan and enlarge photos to use as backgrounds in your Father's Day scrapbook. Try enlarging a photo to the size of a scrapbook page. Then lighten it and reduce the contrast in your image editing software to make it look pale and muted. Next, layer the smaller, brighter, original photo over the top in a nice frame for a very dramatic effect.

A Gift Dad Will Cherish

When you use this free scrapbook layout, you can be sure that the dad in your life will cherish your efforts for years to come. Be sure to have fun creating your scrapbook. Don't be afraid to add some of your own page creations. After all, this is a gift that every dad, even the one who has everything, will deeply appreciate. A Father's Day scrapbook is a great way to express what words cannot say.

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Free Father's Day Digital Scrapbook