Free Printable Journal Cards

layout using free printable journaling cards

Journaling cards have become very popular in the scrapbooking world as a way to streamline the process of creating layouts for your scrapbook album. Several companies sell journal cards that you can purchase for your pages, but using free printables is a budget-friendly alternative.

Using Printable Journaling Cards

Free journal cards are an excellent way to make quick scrapbook pages. Follow these steps to use the printable ones featured below.

  1. Click on the thumbnail image of the design that you want to use. (Only 4 x 6 journaling cards are shown in the thumbnails, but each download includes 3 x 4 versions of the designs as well.)
  2. Save the PDF file on your computer.
  3. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader. The majority of computers come with Adobe Reader already installed, but you can download the program for free if needed.
  4. Choose horizontal or vertical text using the buttons at the top of your printable. Horizontal text is the default.
  5. Type your journaling. The default font is Arial 11 pt. If you wish to use different font, press Control + E on your keyboard. This will open a pop-up dialog box that will allow you to choose a different font and/or size. You can use a script font to mimic the look of handwritten text or make selected words a different font to draw attention to them within your journaling.
  6. If you want to add an image to your card use the buttons on the printable to add either a horizontal or vertical image.
  7. Print your journal card using the highest quality setting on your printer. Remember to select only the current page so you do not waste ink by printing out all of the cards in the PDF file. If possible, print the cards on white cardstock or glossy photo paper.
  8. Trim the card and add to your scrapbook page. Journaling cards are most often used with the divided page protectors popularized by Project Life from Becky Higgins or Albums Made Easy from We R Memory Keepers. They can also be added to traditional scrapbook pages if desired.

General Journaling Cards

For everyday memories, choose a journal card with a design that doesn't detract from your photos.

turquoise journaling cards
Download turquoise journaling cards.
pink journaling cards
Download pink journaling cards.
lime journaling cards
Download lime journaling cards.
peach journaling cards
Download peach journaling cards.

Inspiring Words to Put on a Journal Card

At a bare minimum, your scrapbook journaling should include the date the pictures were taken, the names of the people in the pictures, and the location where the pictures were taken. If you're looking for something a little more inspiring, consider using your journaling card to tell a short story or an amusing anecdote. If your page is about your child, a funny quote from him or her is always a welcome addition. For example, a page about the birth of your second child might include a quote from big brother stating how his baby sister looks like a "wrinkled little raisin."

Journaling cards are also a good place to include quotes from songs, television shows, or books that you find personally relevant to your life. Inspirational sayings can lend depth and meaning to your pages and help to incorporate your theme.

Try some of these inspiring words on your journal cards:

  • A good friend can take you places money can't go.
  • In the end, only family matters.
  • Our friends know our faults but love us anyway.
  • This is just one chapter in our personal story.
  • I'm making the most of each day.
  • You don't take a picture, you make a memory.
  • A scrapbook captures the best parts of our lives.
  • These are the moments we'll never forget.
  • My family is my strength.
  • True friends are worth their weight in gold.

Finding Your Voice

Your scrapbook album is the story of your life, so there is no "right" or "wrong" way to journal. With practice, you will learn how to find your own unique voice.

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Free Printable Journal Cards