Cheering Scrapbook Layouts


If you have lots of photos of your favorite squad, you can display them in eye-catching cheering scrapbook layouts. All it takes is a little creativity to capture the fun of being a cheerleader.

Cheerleading-Themed Supplies

In order to create the perfect cheering layout, you need a few supplies. You can find cheerleading embellishments and papers at most scrapbooking specialty shops and craft stores. Consider incorporating some of the following items into your cheerleading page design:

  • Die cuts of cheerleading items like megaphones or pom-poms
  • Stickers featuring images of cheerleaders
  • Rubber stamps or rub-on letters in a block font
  • Cheerleader scrapbook paper printed with pom-poms and other gear
  • Three-dimensional stickers in shape of cheerleading uniforms

Five Ideas for Cheering Scrapbook Layouts

Although there are many great cheering-themed supplies for your layouts, you don't have to limit yourself to the items on the scrapbook store shelf. Instead, try creating a layout based on one of these fun ideas.

Hooray for School Colors!

School colors are an important part of cheerleading. They figure into everything from the cheerleaders' uniforms to the words of the cheers themselves, and they are the perfect inspiration for a cheering scrapbook page design. Choose plain scrapbook paper in the exact shade of the school colors. It may help to bring a photo with you to the craft store. Use decorative scissors to cut patterned designs along the borders of your scrapbook layout. It's best to include a series of photographs scattered in a random fashion across the page, especially if you can get action shots of your cheerleader supporting her favorite team.

Cheering Words

Cheerleaders spend hours memorizing and practicing cheers. You can preserve the words of your favorite cheer by creating a scrapbook layout around it. Get photos of your cheerleader performing the moves associated with the cheer, and then use rub-on letters to highlight the words of the cheer on your scrapbook page. If the cheer has a theme or message, choose embellishments to support it. Otherwise, use a few scrapbooking stickers to keep the layout fun and interesting.

Mascot Memories

Many cheerleading squads are accompanied by a special team mascot, often an animal or unusual character. Look for embellishments that feature this particular theme. For instance, if the school mascot is the eagle, scan the aisles of the craft store for eagle-themed stickers and scrapbook paper. Then, use these items to enhance your cheerleading layout. At the top of the page, use die-cut letters or rub-ons to write "Go Eagles!" or a similar phrase that applies to the school.

Awards and Competitions

Cheerleading squads often compete against one another to see which team has the best dance moves, spirit, and style. These competitions are major events for cheering enthusiasts, and it can be fun to capture the excitement in a scrapbook layout. Whether your favorite squad wins or loses, you'll be glad you preserved the memory of the event. To create a fun competition layout, include photos of the squad in action, programs and other memorabilia from the event, and embellishments featuring blue ribbons and trophies. If your favorite cheerleader receives a special certificate, it can be fun to include this as well.

Cheering Silhouette

You can create your own special silhouette layout using your computer. Take a digital photo of your cheerleader in profile, and then upload it to your image editing software program. Use the software to enlarge the photo to the desired size, and print it. Tape the image to a sheet of black cardstock, and carefully cut around just the outside of the picture. When you're done, use your cheerleader silhouette as the centerpiece of a layout featuring several photos of the squad in action.

Lots of Inspiration

The whole point of cheerleading is to motivate and inspire the team members, but it can also motivate and inspire scrapbookers. Take lots of photos of your cheerleader and her squad so you have plenty of material to work with. You'll love creating an entire album full of cheering scrapbook layouts if you follow these five ideas!

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