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If you've recently done some traveling by sea, a cruise scrapbook page layout can be the perfect way to preserve the memories of your trip. This method of travel lends itself to lots of fun scrapbooking ideas.

Taking Pictures of Your Cruise

If you're planning a cruise and know you'll want to create a scrapbook to remember your voyage, you may want to consider getting some of the following shots:

  • The cruise ship at the dock
  • You and your family boarding the cruise ship
  • Interior of your cabin
  • Friends or family members sipping fruity drinks
  • Everyone dressed up for formal dinners and other events
  • Friends lined up for the all-you-can-eat buffet
  • People enjoying shore excursions

Other Memorabilia from Your Trip

In addition to photos, it's always fun to save other mementos of your voyage. You can simply slip these items into a large envelope during your travels and sort through them when you get home. Consider saving some of the following:

  • Ticket stubs
  • Menus
  • Newsletters from the ship
  • Postcards of your destinations
  • Map of your route
  • List of stops or itinerary

Five Cruise Scrapbook Page Ideas

Once you've assembled all of your mementos and photographs, it's time to create a beautiful layout for your voyage. Depending on the type of cruise you enjoyed, one of these ideas might work for you.

Ship on Tropical Seas

Did you just return from a Caribbean cruise or a trip to Hawaii? If so, you might want to create a tropical-themed cruise layout. Look in your local scrapbooking store for die cuts and stickers featuring palm trees, colorful fish, bathing suits, and other warm-weather or beach images. Then choose a background paper that mimics the bright blue color of a tropical ocean. Consider adding a wave border along the bottom of the page to further reinforce this theme. Include an image of your cruise ship, whether from a photograph you took or promotional material you may have received. Include photos of friends and family enjoying tropical activities like snorkeling, lounging by the pool, or exploring Mayan ruins.

Fall Color Cruise Layout

Another popular type of cruise is a fall color tour. If you recently returned from one of these trips, you might consider using the bright foliage as your inspiration. Examine the colors of the leaves in your photographs and select fall scrapbook paper to complement these tones. You might also add leaf-textured paper, leaf die cuts and stickers, and fall-themed borders or frames. Include a picture of the ship, along with details about your itinerary. Don't forget to include journal entries about shore excursions and the cruising experience.

Exotic Cruise Destinations

Some cruises take you on a tour of exotic locales like the Mediterranean, Chile, or Alaska. To preserve memories of these special trips, think about what is unique about your destination. For an Alaskan cruise, you might want to include die cuts and images of seals and other polar wildlife. For a Mediterranean cruise, you might want to focus on architectural ruins or exotic cuisine. Regardless of your destination, choose images that reinforce your theme. Pick a background color that mirrors the environment where you travelled, and include lots of photos of you and your traveling companions enjoying the trip.

Food-Themed Cruise Layouts

For many cruise enthusiasts, there's something special about the all-you-can-eat buffets and fine cuisine aboard the ship. These marathon-eating events can provide your inspiration for a cruise layout, especially if you were able to capture a lot of great photos of folks enjoying the food. Series photos are excellent for this type of layout, and you'll also want to include a copy of a special menu. Embellishments for this type of page might include food die cuts like lobsters, chocolate desserts, and steak.

Peering Through Portholes

Regardless of your cruise destination, you can create a fun layout focused on portholes. Most people associate these small circular windows with cruise ships. Use this association to add some extra flair to your page layout. Create circular, porthole-inspired frames for your favorite trip photos and place them in rows on the page. Consider making the page background the same color as your cruise ship, giving the viewer the impression that he or she is catching a glimpse of cruise activity through the porthole frame.

Preserve Your Cruise Memories

No matter where you went on your cruise, you're sure to have some great memories of your trip. It's always a good idea to record your memories of a vacation as soon as possible after you return. A cruise scrapbook page can be a great way to preserve these impressions, along with any special photographs or mementos from your voyage.

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