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Camping to earn merit badges

As any den mother knows, creating a Cub scout den scrapbook is a great way to document all of the fun activities the scouts enjoy. Whether you are the den mother or den leader or just want to give a wonderful gift to the woman or man who works so hard with your son, consider collecting photos from the various events and designing a scrapbook.

About Cub Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America is an organization incorporated in 1910 and founded on principles of character, citizenship, and personal fitness. Cub scouting is part of the Boy Scouts of America organization and is reserved for boys in the first through fifth grades. Cub scouts are separated into Bobcat, Tiger cubs, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. Each group is called a "den" and is run by a den mother or den leader. Den mothers are volunteers and may even be the mother of one of the current scouts. Den leaders are any men who take on the same role. Typically, the dens will meet once per week and work on achievements in the cub scout handbook. One week a month is reserved for the pack meeting in which all the dens get together for a program that may include awards ceremonies or guest speakers. When the cub scout completes all the required achievements, he earns the a patch that signifies his rank. Once he completes all of the cub scout requirements, he can be awarded the Arrow of Light award which is the highest award in Cub Scouts.

Cub Scout Den Scrapbook Ideas

The following ideas might help you design a great layout for your Cub Scout den:

  • Pinewood Derby is the culmination of many hours of hard work for most scouts. The simple wooden block is converted into a speedy race car and the scout with the fastest car wins the coveted blue ribbon, which can be worn on their uniform. Layouts celebrating the winners, along with all of the work the boys put into building their cars, are perfect for a scout scrapbook.
  • Camping is a popular activity of Cub Scouts. During their first years as a scout, the den leader may choose to have day trips to local parks instead of camping, but as the scouts become older, camping is a common way to get together and work on achievements. One of the required achievements is outdoors preparedness, which includes the ability to pitch a tent and prepare a campsite. Since the Boy Scouts spend a vast amount of time camping, it is important for the boys to learn how to camp while they are still young. Documenting the various camping adventures is a great addition to your Cub Scout den scrapbook.
  • Hiking is another activity Cub Scouts enjoy. Part of the principles of the scout organization is personal fitness, and being comfortable in the woods is a good way to prepare for being a Boy Scout. Whether it is a simple walk through the local woods or a several-mile trek through steep terrain, record how the scouts fared. Even if the hike was a complete bust due to rain, heat, or bugs, including a layout of your hike will be fun to look back on later to see how far the scouts have come.
  • Jamborees are the highly anticipated get together of many packs from your council area. Each geographic area will typically hold one jamboree a year. Often, it includes an overnight camp out at a state park or Boy Scout camp. This gives scouts the opportunity to interact with boys from other towns and usually involves games and competitions with winners receiving ribbons. If your den takes part in jamborees, be sure to bring along your camera to capture the festivities.
  • Service projects are part of everyday life in scouting. The Cub Scout promise even includes the words "do my duty" and "to help other people". Whether it is visiting a nursing home, collecting food for the needy, or beautifying an area park, include layouts of your den's hard work and community service.
  • The Blue and Gold banquet is held toward the end of each school year and is the time when scouts move to the next level. Often, there is a meal offered, and the scout's family is invited to take part in the festivities. Each scout is called to the front and presented with his new badges. Include photos of each boy receiving his badges on a "goodbye" layout. If the scrapbook will stay with the den leader, this gives her a final layout to remember the boys of that year's den.

Scouting Scrapbook Supplies

There are several companies that offer supplies specific to scouting. For a clean and simple scrapbook, opt to use supplies from one product line or manufacturer. For a more elaborate scrapbook, purchase items that cover all aspects of scouting which you may need to buy from several retailers. The most commonly used supplies are from the following companies:

Celebrate Progress

Participating in Cub Scouts is a popular and memorable way for boys to learn many of the values they'll need as Boy Scouts and througout life. Celebrate the progress of your den by creating a special scrapbook.

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