Digital Scrapbook Badge Holder

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A digital scrapbook badge holder is the perfect way to show off your most coveted photos.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Badge holder albums are the latest hybrid in the world of scrapbooking. They are inexpensive to make, simple to assemble and yield darling results that will have your circle of friends talking about your creative prowess.

Often referred to as a pocket album, scrapbook badge holders feature standard vinyl badge holders, which measure about 2.5 inches by 3.25 inches. The portable badge holders can be used either vertically or horizontally and are extremely versatile. What's more, you can personalize each holder to reflect your tastes. For example, if you want to add pizzazz to your scrapbook badge holder, then try some extra ribbons, bows and flowers. Likewise, you can streamline the look by sticking with a single, simple ribbon to keep the holders together to form a mock album.

Digital Scrapbook Badge Holder Resources

If you've ever dreamed of being able to shrink your favorite scrapbooks to fit inside your purse or diaper bag, then the badge holder option may be just what you are looking for. The quick project yields a mini-scrapbook that is perfect for showing off anywhere at anytime. The little brag book makes the ideal gift for a grandparent or long distance relative. Also, thanks to technology, you can now make digital scrapbook badge holders in mere minutes. All you need to do is find several online scrapbook resources that offers badge holder templates, and then print them out on your home computer. Some reputable companies offering digital scrapbook badge holder kits include:

  • Free Digital Scrapbooking: This popular scrapbooking website offers a variety of digital scrapbook kits for badge holders. Each kit comes with 10 pre-designed pages, which can be filed into standard size vinyl badge holders. All you need to do is download the kit and insert your photos.
  • Kaboodle: If you are hard pressed for time, then the ID badge holder scrapbook kits offered by this website are just what the doctor ordered. The kits feature a variety of digital templates that you complete and print out. The mini albums can be done in a flash, provided your computer can read PSD (Processor Direct Slot) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files.
  • The Shabby Shoppe: Scrappers' favorite, Shabby Shoppe offers digital kits for badge holder albums. The kits come with 10 inside photo pages sized to fit standard-sized, vinyl, name badge holders. Plus, you get a font and back cover with photo cutouts. The PNG pages include instructions and details on how you can customize the interior and exterior of the album to reflect personal themes, such as weddings, baby, holidays, and vacations.

Benefits of Badge Holder Albums

Besides being easy to make and extremely portable, the unique badge holder scrapbooks are water resistant. The vinyl holders keep rain, snow and baby drool off your precious photos. In addition, the mini-holders are readily available at office supply stores and discount retailers. Once you print your digital pages, simply add them to the inexpensive holders, embellish, bind, and you are ready to show off your mini-masterpiece.

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Digital Scrapbook Badge Holder