Download a Computer Scrapbook Program for Free

woman using laptop to scrapbook

You can download a computer scrapbook program for free, but first you need to know which programs are truly free of charge and which have free trials that expire. You may also want to know which programs are easy to use and include features that allow for a full range of digital scrapbooking methods.

Software for Scrapbooking

Not every software program that works well for scrapbooking is made specifically for this purpose. In order to scrapbook on your computer, you must use a software program that allows you to layer photos and other images on top of each other and arrange them via rotation. The best programs also support transparent .PNG file format graphics. If the program also offers image editing, so much the better. Most PCs and Mac computers have pre-installed software that you can use for basic digital and printable scrapbooking. For example, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint allow you to easily layer and arrange images in scrapbooking format that you can then print or email. However, neither of those programs has the image editing capabilities you may need for scrapbooking.

Quality, Free Computer Scrapbook Program Features

There are a few basic features that your software should have to allow you to create beautiful layouts on your computer:

  • Ability to import your photos and scrapbook graphics into the program
  • Basic photo editing, such as red-eye correction and brightness or contrast level adjustment
  • Variety of paper or layout sizes
  • Ability to layer multiple graphics and position them as you wish
  • Ability to save, email, and ideally, print your completed scrapbook pages

Download a Computer Scrapbook Program for Free Resources

If your computer has ever had a virus, then you already understand the importance of downloading free software only from a trustworthy and reputable website. One such website is CNet (also known as CNet has offered both free and paid virus-free software downloads for several years from numerous sources, along with editor and user reviews of the software. If you hope to download a computer scrapbook program for free, you need to click the word "free" on the left side of your screen to filter your results. Be aware that some of your results will actually be shareware, or free-trial software with limited features and time constraints.

You can choose from one of the following to download a quality computer scrapbook program with no strings attached:

  • FxFoto for Windows computers is highly recommended by CNet editors and users alike. This program features strong image editing and organizing tools, along with layout features for scrapbooking.
  • Scrapbook Flair 3 for Windows computers has limited positioning and image editing abilities but offers several free graphics downloads to enhance your scrapbook pages.
  • Smilebox for both Windows and Mac is free to download, but to print your scrapbook pages, you need to pay a fee. If you plan to share your scrapbook pages via email and online only, this is a good solution for computer scrapbooking. Smilebox has loads of attractive free templates, elements, and fonts.

Fun and Affordable Scrapbooking

After downloading your free scrapbook software, you can find loads of digital scrapbooking freebies online to embellish your pages; this is what makes computer or digital scrapbooking so fun and affordable. If you need to learn more about digital scrapbooking, you can also find numerous tutorials and tips online. All you really need to get started is one of the programs listed above, and you're well on your way to creating beautiful scrapbook pages and albums on your computer without spending a dime!

Download a Computer Scrapbook Program for Free