Download a Computer Scrapbook Program for Free

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You can download a computer scrapbook program for free, including some programs that have free trials and others that have full free versions. Find the best one for your next digital scrapbook project.

PhotoMix Free Trial

  • Windows only
  • Free trial, then $29 for the full version
  • Great for collages

You can download a free trial version of PhotoMix, a program that allows you to create amazing collages and scrapbook pages. If you like including lots of photos on a page and enjoy pre-set templates for Mother's Day, birthdays, and other special events, this could be the program for you. The free version doesn't expire, and you can use it to make almost any layout you would in the full version. However, when it's time to save your work as a .jpg or print it, you'll need to spring for the $29 full version. In addition to the free trial, PhotoMix has lots of free template downloads, as well as tutorials and support. ScrapbookScrapbook praises this program for its ease of use. This program is Windows-only, so if you're a Mac user, you'll have to try something different.

MyMemories Suite Free Trial

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  • Mac and Windows
  • Free trial, then $29.95 for the full version
  • Ideal for those who love a lot of features

The MyMemories Suite is another option to consider if you're interested in a free trial. Like PhotoMix, you can do almost everything with the free trial version, but you can't export your work for printing or sharing. To do that, you'll need to upgrade to the $29.95 paid version, available as a download or on disc. It's for both Mac and Windows, which is great if you do your image editing on a Mac. User reviews of the program on Amazon are mixed, but most are positive. Some complain that there are too many features and cloud-based storage options, which can make it confusing for those who prefer a simpler interface. Others say it's great for any level of experience. Either way, with the free trial, you only risk your time.

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact Full Version

  • Windows only
  • Compact version is free
  • Great for including other media like videos

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact is a full program you can download for free from software maker Serif. It's easy to use and fun, but it only works on Windows computers. In addition to being free, this program has some advantages that set it apart. It lets you include 3D effects, videos, and other fun features, and you can share your scrapbooks online or over email. In ratings from people who have downloaded it from the site, it received 3.7 out of five stars. There's minimal support after download, and the company does not offer free templates to expand the range of what you can do.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements Free Trial

  • Mac and Windows
  • Free trial, then $99
  • Touted as the best program on the market

Adobe PhotoShop Elements is considered by many, including PC Magazine, to be the ultimate digital scrapbooking program. At $99 for the full version, it's not free; however, many people don't realize it has a 30-day free trial of the full version. If you have a project you need to do in the next month, you could use this program free of charge and then cancel before buying it. This powerful program can create collages, beautiful scrapbook layouts, and more easily and quickly. It can also help with image editing, and it even has a "smart" feature that helps sort through your photos to find the best ones. There are a couple of downsides besides the high price of the full version, though. It takes up a lot of space on your computer, and it may not be as user-friendly because of all the powerful features. There are books and expert tips for using Photoshop Elements that can help.

Fun and Affordable Scrapbooking

The best free download for you will depend on how you plan to use the scrapbooking software, what type of computer you own, and whether you are interested in investing in a full version at some point in the future. No matter which one you choose, you can expand your options with other free goodies, such as flower embellishments, free printables and patterned papers

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Download a Computer Scrapbook Program for Free