Family Poems for Scrapbooking

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If you're creating a layout featuring your family members, include some family poems for scrapbooking fun. Learn where to find scrapbook poems and how to write your own verses about family.

Using Poetry in Scrapbooks

The old expression says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there are times when the right words can add perspective and deeper meaning to your images. The right scrapbook poem needs to have the following qualities.

  • It needs to fit the subject. A sentimental poem might not be the best choice for funny photos of kids playing. Choose a family poem that has the same tone as your photos.
  • It shouldn't be too long. A poem that goes on for several stanzas might be a wonderful work of art, but it probably isn't the best choice for your scrapbook. Look for something short and sweet.
  • It needs to be personal and meaningful. Even if the poem is the perfect length and tone, it needs to mean something to you personally.

There are several ways to incorporate poetry into your layout. You might use printed fonts, rub-on letters, rubber stamps, or neat handwriting. What you choose will depend on the tools you have available and the look you're hoping to achieve. If you write the family poem, consider simply hand writing the verse on the page.

Types of Family Poems

Family verses can take several forms, but they usually focus on specific family roles or the relationships between family members. As you search for this type of poetry, expect to find some of the following:

  • Poems about being a mom or honoring your mom
  • Fatherhood poems
  • Verses about grandparents
  • Poetry about the relationships between sisters
  • Brother poems
  • Verses about other family relationships

Where to Find Family Poems for Scrapbooking

The Internet is a great resource for family poems. You can find excellent examples at the following sites:

  • has a great selection of family poems, many contributed by users. If you write your family poem, consider sharing it on this site.
  • Denny's Poems and Quotes has scrapbook poetry on a variety of subjects. You can search or browse through the options to find one that's perfect for your family layout.
  • Poems for Free has poetry about almost every aspect of life, including several great options about non-traditional family relationships like foster families, broken families, and step-parents.
  • Passions in Poetry has thousands of poems available to fit a wide variety of layouts. For family poetry, look in the "Classical" section and the "Poems on Life" section.

Tips for Writing Your Family Poems

If you're handy with a pen, you can also create your own scrapbook poems about your family. Use this personal touch to take your layout from pretty to powerful. Try these tips for writing your own family poems.

  • Brainstorm memories and associations you have about a specific person. Try to be as specific and detailed as possible. These ideas will help you create a meaningful poem.
  • Try using the first letters of a person's name or role to create a simple poem. Write the name vertically on the page, and then use descriptive words that contain those letters. This is called acrostic poetry.
  • Make a family haiku for each page of your album. The short nature of this style of verse makes it perfect for scrapbooking. A haiku has three lines. The first line must be five syllables, the next seven, and the final line five again.

Make Your Layouts More Meaningful

Whether you choose to write your own family poems for scrapbooking or simply use the poetry you find online, these verses will make your layouts even more meaningful.

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