Free Printable Scrapbook Frames

printable scrapbook frame

Adding a frame to almost any scrapbook element can add a beautiful finishing touch. Creating these frames can be time-consuming and purchasing pre-made frames gets pricey. Save some money and time by printing out these free frames, perfect for surrounding scrapbook photos, quotes, and much more.

An Assortment of Printable Scrapbook Frames

When choosing a frame for your scrapbook page, you'll want to find one that matches both your design elements and the item you're framing. Having a variety of options on hand allows you to try different patterns and shapes until you find the perfect frame.

The following collections of free printable scrapbooking frames are easy to download and use. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips. Click on the page of frames you want to use, and then save it to print later or print immediately right from the reader.

Using Your Frames

After printing your chosen collection of frames, there are a few different ways you can use them.

  • Cut out the center of the frame you want to use with a sharp craft knife, and then center your photo or other item in the opening before attaching to your scrapbook page.
  • Adhere your photo on top of the frame, making sure that the edges are pressed down well to prevent any damage to the image.
  • Add a poem, song lyric, or quote to the empty space in the frame, either by typing it in before printing (using your favorite image software) or handwriting it on after printing.
  • Frame other items such as ticket stubs, business cards, or even a baby's sock.

Add Flair With Frames

Scrapbooking frames add a lovely finishing touch to your pages, and they can be further embellished with glitter, stick-on gems, or even colored pencils. If the frame's opening is too large, mat the photo or other item being framed with a piece of plain, colored paper first to fit inside the center of the frame.

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Free Printable Scrapbook Frames