Free Scrapbook Patterns to Print

Umbrella scrapbook pattern shape

Scrapbook patterns are most often simple, common shapes that can be embellished to match your theme or layout patterns. You can decorate these patterns with any sort of embellishments, like patterned paper, glitter, stickers, paint, or stamps. Try some of these free scrapbook patterns to print and decorate as you see fit.

Free Printable Scrapbook Patterns

Even if you don't have a color printer or are running low on colored ink, you can take advantage of these free patterns. They are all easy to cut out using small, sharp scissors or a craft knife.

If you need help downloading the patterns, check out these helpful tips.

Tips for Using Printable Patterns

The real value in patterns for common shapes is that they can be used over and over again for all kinds of paper craft projects. To get the most out of your printables, keep these tips in mind.

  • Print a page of patterns on heavy cardstock to use as stencils for future projects.
  • Print the shapes onto plain, acid-free paper and decorate, or print directly onto patterned paper.
  • Carefully cut the center out of larger shapes to use as scrapbook frames.
  • Use the patterns as outlines for embossing shapes in your layouts.

Simple Printables Can Make a Big Impact

Free printables, like patterns, can really boost your creativity while also saving you money and time. Instead of heading out to the store for pre-cut shapes, you can print them off and get embellishing in less time than it would take to find your coat and purse for the shopping trip. Take these simple patterns and make them spectacular with your own unique style.

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Free Scrapbook Patterns to Print