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Whether you are a Girl Scout leader, mother, or scout yourself, designing a Girl Scout scrapbook should not be overwhelming. With a bit of preparation and creativity, your scrapbook will be a suitable place to showcase all of your scouting memories.

About Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is an organization founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. The primary purpose of the organization is to foster young girls and teach them character, leadership, community service, and acceptance. The girls are split into age groups ranging from 6 year old Daisy scouts to 18 year old Senior scouts. There are three main awards scouts can earn based on completing interest project badges and projects. Junior scouts work towards the Bronze award and Cadette scouts work towards the Silver award. When a girl becomes a Senior scout, her Girl Scout membership culminates with the Gold award, which is the most prestigious award a Girl Scout earns.

Girl Scout Scrapbook Ideas

If you're planning a scouting scrapbook, consider featuring one of the following ideas:

  • The bridging ceremony is a formal transition from one level of scouts to the other. Though each troop may choose to conduct the event in slightly different ways, the basic ceremony is usually the same. Commemorate each level of your scout's success by including a layout with bridging ceremony photos.
  • Selling cookies is probably what most people associate with Girl Scouts. Create a two-page layout showcasing your scout taking the initial orders then later on pick up day. Photos of the scout surrounded by mountains of cookies will make a memorable page.
  • Award ceremonies are another important aspect of the scouting experience. Whether the ceremony is for the first award your scout receives, or the highest honor of Gold, make sure you document the hard work she had to put into earning the award.
  • Camping is an area of scouting many girls enjoy. This is especially true for girls who are not exposed to many outdoor activities outside of scouting. Layouts showing the scouts pitching tents, cooking over a campfire, and making s'mores are all worthy of your Girl Scout scrapbook.
  • Uniforms are a traditional way to show everyone the scout is a proud member of the Girl Scouts of America organization. Design a layout that explains each insignia along with a close up photo of the emblem to reflect the history of the Girl Scouts and the significance of each item on the uniform.
  • Many scouts count their time at summer camp as one of the more enjoyable periods of their childhood. Whether it is singing, swimming, or just making new friends, be sure to capture the fun in your scout's scrapbook.
  • Interest projects are an integral part of the Girl Scout experience. There are a myriad of interest projects scouts undertake from sports and museum explorations, to learning car care and first aid. Regardless of which interest projects your scout decides to earn, make sure to take lots of photos. Layouts that describe what tasks your scout had to complete in order earn the interest project badge will be fun to look back on when she is older.

Scouting Scrapping Supplies

Now that you have decided on the ideas for your Girl Scout scrapbook, it is time to shop for supplies. Though there is not a huge variety of licensed material, the Girl Scouts of America have partnered with few companies to offer specific products. There are also several companies that sell scrapbooking supplies that complement the activities that Girl Scouts would typically engage in. Some of the most popular materials include the following:

  • Girl Scout Shop is the online shop of the Girl Scouts. Some stickers and stationary are available online. Most local council stores also carry paper goods related to Girl Scout activities.
  • Scrap Your Trip sells papers to suit girl scout layouts from Daisy through Senior levels.
  • For digital scrappers, The Lilypad sells an adorable kit with everything you need to complete adorable layouts.
  • Amazon offers a Girl Scouts of America scrapbooking kit that comes with a double-page layout. All you have to do is add your own photos.

Important Part of Growing Up

For many girls, scouting represents an important part of growing up. You can preserve Girl Scout-related mementos and photographs by crafting special layouts to celebrate this popular activity.

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