Graduation Scrapbook Layouts

Printable graduation scrapbook layout
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Graduation scrapbook layouts are fun, and their designs vary as much as the graduates themselves. Whether you're creating a formal page with serious photos and a list of academic accomplishments, or a more light-hearted layout with fun photos with friends, you can use one of these free graduation layout templates to create a memorable page for any graduate. These layouts can be printed to create a traditional scrapbook, or saved to use in digital scrapbooking.

Four Free Graduation Scrapbook Page Layouts

Traditional graduation celebrations revolve around high school or college grads, but you don't have to limit yourself to these occasions. Use one of the following layouts for any graduate, whether she's just completed a specialized training course or is moving on from kindergarten to grade one. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Our Graduate Layout

The layout pictured above left can be downloaded as a complete page or in sections. You can choose to download images in .png format including the background, tassel, or a greyscale layout that you can add color to yourself. The entire page layout is also available as a .pdf file. These options are all available in the left-hand menu once you open the file. Double click on the item you want and it will open in a small window. From there you can choose to save or print.

The Key to Success

graduation scrapbook layout
Click to download this graduation layout in 8x8 format.

This simple layout can be customized with a variety of embellishments. Add ribbon or stickers in school colors, or copy some of the text from ceremony speeches or the valedictorian's address. Make sure you add a title to the page before printing. This format is also available as a 12x12 printable.

Graduation Flag and Cap

Scrapbook layout for graduation
Download and print this 8x8 scrapbook layout.

This is a fun layout featuring a graduation cap and a flag. Trace the outline of the flag and the word "Graduation" in glitter glue featuring the school's colors to really make it pop. Include the class year and a photo title to complete the layout, then add your own photos, mementos, and journaling. To make the cap stand out, create your own tassel using embroidery floss and adhere it to the cap. For a larger version of this template, download this layout in the 12x12 size.

Congratulations Layout

congratulations graduation scrapbook layout
Click to download this 8x8 graduation printable layout.

This layout is perfect for any graduation, with its clean lines and open box feel. Use a collection of photos of the graduate to fill in the boxes, or find images of the grad with her friends and teachers. You can jazz things up with any number of embellishments including stickers, rub-ons, or printed quotes. If you prefer, you can download this layout as a 12x12 page.

Designing Special Graduation Layouts

If you want to make a special layout that is truly a one-of-a-kind graduation statement that fits your graduate's style, try these ideas:

  • If your graduate has a class ring, you can photograph it against a solid, contrasting background to include in the scrapbook. Also, photograph the cap tassel and any honors cords or sashes the same way.
  • Take a few snapshots of the school and any meaningful classrooms or sports venues. Then enlarge these and fade them in your image editing software to use as digital backgrounds or print them to use for traditional scrapbooking. Be sure to print on acid-free paper.
  • Use the earliest school photo you can find to contrast with the current grad photo, showing just how far the graduate has come.

Make Graduation Even More Special

Recording everything about graduation day in a special scrapbook is a fantastic and thoughtful way to keep these treasured memories. A graduation scrapbook makes the perfect gift for any graduate, and these layouts will help you put it together quickly and easily.

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