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No matter what scrapbook theme you're using, there are dozens of great layout ideas that can really bring your albums to life. Try some of these fun page designs to make the most of your treasured memories.

Children's Scrapbook Ideas

Babies and kids are some of the best scrapbook inspiration around. From the moment your little one is born until the day he or she graduates high school, you'll have thousands of wonderful photos. Show them off with one of these fun ideas.

A Colorful World

If you love to experiment with artsy and unusual pages, consider creating a layout that is entirely devoted to color. This is a fabulous way to display photos of your child that might not ordinarily go together.

When making a color-themed page, you can be very creative with your embellishment choices. Paint chips make excellent frugal embellishments for this type of scrapbook. You can also try combining buttons, brads, eyelets, ribbon, paper scraps, and leftover stickers together to make a collage tag featuring the dominant color of each page.

Baby's First Solid Foods


Baby scrapbooks are fun to make, and there's no shortage of great ideas for showing off your bundle of joy. To make a cute page, use photos of your baby's first experience with solid food to make a hilarious scrapbook layout. Babies often make amusing faces as they test out the textures and tastes of solid food. If you have a series of food photos, you can create an adorable page with an arrangement.

Consider using a contrasting color of cardstock to mat the photos. Browse the selection at your local craft store to find embellishments that feature eating utensils, high chairs, and food items. Then use these to add dimension to your layout.

Life Is a Fairy Tale

Instead of traditional scrapbook journaling, try structuring your album as a spin-off of your favorite fairy tale. For example, you can make a Cinderella scrapbook describing how your little princess is tormented by having to do chores before she's allowed to go outside to play. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk could be adapted to tell about how your son is always getting into trouble because he never manages to follow directions.

Yearly Photos School Bus

Make a page of school photos from your child's elementary years. Lots of patterned scrapbook papers and embellishments work with this theme, but you can also create a simple page layout with some basic supplies.

To do this, cut a basic school bus shape out of two pieces of yellow cardstock and use the pieces to make a two-page layout. Put your child's school photos in the windows of the bus, then label the year and grade for each picture. You can make this layout even more special by doing a little journaling about each year in school.

Past and Present

Mixing photos from different time periods can be a great way to add an unexpected twist to your project. Try combining photos of you as a child riding a bike, reading a book, or painting pictures matched with pictures of your children at the same age engaged in the same activities.

Another fun variation could include comparison photos of various generations of family members with journaling that highlights the similarities between each person.

Running Through the Sprinkler Layout


Take several photos of your kids playing together and create a layout centered on a common activity. For instance, if your kids are playing in the sprinkler, you might use a silver acid-free marker to draw a spray of water in the middle of your page layout. Then arrange the photos randomly on the page. Don't forget to leave plenty of room for recording any funny stories from this day. Use this method to create a great kid-themed layout around any fun activity.

Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

From the moment you agree to get engaged to the wedding toasts and dancing, there's nothing that inspires scrapbookers quite like a wedding. There are lots of great layouts you can use to express your joy.

Showering the Bride

Your wedding scrapbook layout doesn't have to be about the actual day of the wedding; you can also capture other special events like the bridal shower. For a fun page, take photos of each of the bride's gifts, and then use your computer to reduce the size of the images. Also be sure to take a photo of the bride on the day of the shower.

Next, create a shower head out of grey cardstock. Place the photo of the bride below the showerhead, and arrange the gift images so it looks like they are raining down on the bride.

Beautiful Wedding Colors


Most brides and grooms organize their weddings around one or two colors. Everything from the bridesmaids' dresses to the flowers can be related to this color scheme. You can create a wedding scrapbook centered around the colors too.

Use the wedding colors as your background and choose embellishments that coordinate with your photos and the wedding's theme. Include cocktail napkins, programs, ribbons, and other items that match the colors of the day.

Tossing the Bouquet

For a fun layout, you can arrange several action shots in a series. This is a great technique for displaying photos of the bride tossing the bouquet. To make the layout, choose five or six photos showing the bouquet flying through the air and landing in someone's hands. Then pair these photos with matching papers and embellishments to create a coordinated layout.

Ideas for Holiday Scrapbook Layouts

If you have lots of great holiday photos, why not create a layout centered around a particular special day. Whether you're celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, an important birthday, or another family holiday, you can capture those memories with a great layout.

Hanging on to Holiday Cards

Make a holiday scrapbook featuring Christmas cards or other greeting cards. If you're like most people, you probably receive a lot of cards. It can be difficult to throw these pretty greetings away, especially if they include personal notes. You can preserve your favorites by making a pretty scrapbook layout. Choose background papers that complement the colors on the card, and if possible, include photos of the person who gave you the greeting.

Halloween Costumes Through the Years


If you have photos of your kids in Halloween costumes, create a fun Halloween scrapbook. This can be especially cute if you have pictures of your children at different ages. Use Halloween scrapbook supplies to reinforce the theme and be sure to describe special memories about the costumes or the trick-or-treating experience.

Opening that Father's Day Gift

Father's Day offers tons of great scrapbooking inspiration, especially when it's time to open the gifts. Whether Dad is thrilled with his present or is unwrapping yet another tie, you can preserve the moment. Take lots of photos during the gift opening, and then arrange them in a one- or two-page layout.

Pair the photos with matching background papers or choose supplies that coordinate with one of your father's favorite hobbies, such as golf, fishing, or hunting.

More Great Scrapbook Ideas

Want to make a one- or two-page layout that has its own distinct theme? These ideas can help.

Going on Vacation

Vacations are another great source of scrapbooking inspiration. Commemorate a special trip to Disney World with a Disney-themed scrapbook. Use Disney supplies and include pictures of your family interacting with the Disney characters or enjoying the rides. Similarly, create a cruise-themed scrapbook by using tropical embellishments and patterned papers. Be sure to include a photo of your cruise ship as well.

Dedicated to Someone You Love

Make a page dedicated to a specific family member, such as your dad or a special aunt. Collect photos of this person at various ages and create a timeline of events in the person's life. To do this, use a ruler and an acid-free marker to make a horizontal line across two adjoining pages. Arrange the photos in order on the line and list the date under each picture. Journaling about the person or the individual events will make this layout more special.

Helping Someone Remember

Make a memory book for an older loved one featuring special moments in that person's life. If someone you love is struggling with memory loss, this can be a wonderful way to help the person review a life well lived. Keep the backgrounds simple and avoid using too many embellishments. In this type of layout, it's all about the photos and the journaling. Include photographs of the person at various life stages and try to write down as much as you can about that life moment.

Now We're Cooking


Make a recipe layout with some of your favorite cooking photos and recipes. This is a fun way to pass family recipes down to future generations. Use photos of your family cooking together and include the recipe for the dish you were making. Enhance the page with embellishments that represent ingredients in the recipe.

First Car Scrapbook Page Idea

Use photos of a first car or fun convertible to make an automotive-themed scrapbook. To reinforce your theme, include car-related die cuts and stickers. Create a road-inspired background with black cardstock and a yellow acid-free marker.

Preserve Your Memories for Years to Come

Get creative with your own scrapbook layout ideas and album themes. No matter what type of scrapbook page your create, you'll be glad you preserved your memories for years to come.

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