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Why not try a nursery rhyme scrapbook as a creative alternative to the traditional baby album? Most people have powerful associations with the images from the classic nursery rhymes and these motifs can add a nostalgic feel to your baby book.

What Are Nursery Rhymes?

You probably remember reading Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme books as a child. These little poems, often used to illustrate good behavior and teach lessons, have been popular with parents and children for centuries. In fact, some of the oldest nursery rhymes date to the mid-1500s. However, the rhymes most people remember from their childhoods really became popular in the 1800s.

Some of the most famous nursery rhymes include the following:

  • Rock-a-Bye Baby
  • Baa-Baa Black Sheep
  • Hey Diddle-Diddle
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Little Bo Peep
  • London Bridge
  • Jack and Jill
  • Ring Around the Rosies
  • Three Blind Mice

Fun Nursery Rhyme Scrapbook Layouts

These rhymes, so familiar to most people, naturally lend themselves to beautiful scrapbook layouts for children. As you make these pages, consider writing the nursery rhyme on the corresponding page. This will give some context for your design and even make a fun book to read with your child as he or she gets older.

Hey Diddle Diddle Design

One of the most notable nursery rhymes is Hey Diddle Diddle. Images associated with this rhyme include cows, cats, fiddles, spoons, and dishes. To create a scrapbook layout around this theme, find die cuts or stickers of these motifs. Consider using this nursery rhyme to accent photos of a baby trying solid foods for the first time. This also makes a great accompaniment to bedtime photos or images of your child's bedroom.

Ring Around the Rosies Layout

Ring Around the Rosies is a fun game that has been played by preschool children for hundreds of years. Use it as a theme for a page about a preschool girl. To create this page, scour your local scrapbook store for rose-themed papers and embellishments. Include a series of photos of your little girl dancing with friends at a birthday party or other fun event. Consider framing a special photograph in a ring of rose stickers or die cuts.

Rock-a-Bye Baby Page Design

If you need a nursery rhyme layout for photos of a very young baby, you might like a Rock-a-Bye Baby motif. To create this theme, use background papers with a green, leafy pattern to give the impression of a tree and its branches. Include photos of the baby asleep in its bassinette or cradle. Also include pictures of adults holding the baby.

Little Bo Peep Motif

Little Bo Peep can be a great way to illustrate a special trip to the farm or the petting zoo. Try to capture photos of your little ones feeding or petting the sheep; then use these images in your layout. Include die cuts of shepherds' hooks, lambs and sheep, and flowers. Use pastel colors to play up the innocence of this classic rhyme and add textured papers to give the layout some added dimension.

Resources for Nursery Rhymes

As you create your nursery rhyme scrapbook, you may find you need to refer back to the nursery rhymes. Find most of the classic children's poems in a Mother Goose anthology or locate the words on one of the following websites:

Use Your Imagination

Nursery rhymes are classic for a reason. For many people, they are among the earliest memories of childhood literature and they make excellent illustrations in any baby album. Use your imagination to create an entire book out of fun nursery rhyme layouts.

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