Replacement Blades for Cricut Paper Cutters

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If you enjoy making your own die cut shapes with a Cricut Expression or Create, you've probably had to buy a few replacement blades for Cricut paper cutters. Learn where to shop for the best deals, and find out how to make your replacement blades last longer.

About Cricut Die Cutters

For many serious scrapbookers, nothing beats the convenience and creativity of owning a Cricut paper cutter. These personal-sized die cutters are manufactured by Provo Craft and have a loyal following in the scrapbooking community. You can use a Cricut to design your own die cuts, or you can use one of the many Cricut cartridges on the market to create pre-designed shapes. Cricuts can cut through paper, cardstock, fabric, and even vinyl, making them a versatile choice for scrapbookers who enjoy working with a variety of materials. Provo Craft makes several different models of Cricut paper cutters, but there is some overlap in blade styles.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

According to the Cricut User Manual, available for download from the company website, you can usually expect to get between 500 and 1,000 cuts from your Cricut blade. You can tell that it's time to replace your blade when you see some of the following issues:

  • The die cut shapes are not as sharp as they were in the past.
  • The blade seems to be making little rips in the cardstock or paper.
  • The blade won't cut all the way through the paper.
  • The paper moves around on the mat when the machine is cutting.
  • Upon examination, the blade appears to be shorter than it should be.

Buying Replacement Blades for Cricut Paper Cutters

Before you begin shopping for replacement blades, it's important to determine which blade model is right for your Cricut cutter and what your cutting needs are. Check your machine's user manual for recommendations.

Provo Craft makes the following blades for Cricut cutters:

  • Regular Cricut replacement blades work on most machines. A two-blade pack costs less than $10.
  • Deep Cut Cricut replacement blades are designed for most machines, and they allow you to cut heavier materials like wood veneer, thin metal sheets, and chipboard. You can usually find a two-blade Deep Cut pack for less than $15.
  • Trimmer Cricut blades fit the smaller Cricut Paper Trimmer and cost less than five dollars for a two-blade pack.

You can find Cricut replacement blades at most craft stores and hobby shops. Most places that sell Cricut paper cutters also sell the replacement blades. However, if you do a lot of crafting with your Cricut, you may be able to get a better deal on bulk blades if you shop online.

Consider some of the following online shopping resources:

If you'll be buying replacement blades on the Internet, be sure to calculate tax and shipping when you compare prices.

Tips for Making Blades Last Longer

Cricut blade life varies dramatically based on how you use and care for your blade. You can save money by making your blades last longer by following these tips:

  • If you cut through heavier materials like magnet sheets, vinyl, or metal, consider investing in a Deep Cut blade. Although these blades are more expensive, they are designed to take the abuse of challenging materials. This will extend the life of your regular blade.
  • Always use your blades with an approved Cricut mat. If you use other materials, it could dull the blade quicker.
  • Since thicker papers produce more wear on the blade, use the thinnest paper and cardstock acceptable for your project.
  • Always follow the blade installation instructions in your Cricut manual when you change your blades. An improperly installed blade can cause the blade to wear out quicker, and may even damage your machine.

With proper care and installation, you can expect to get hundreds of crisp cuts from the replacement blades for Cricut paper cutters.

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Replacement Blades for Cricut Paper Cutters